North Yorkshire – More Photos

Richmond Castle


View from Richmond Castle


Enjoy the North Yorkshire countryside with me.


London at Last

I lived here from 1961 until 1967

I loved my visit with my family and my trip down memory lane, but I am really looking forward to the next four days in London. It will be nice to visit our ‘old haunts’ here.

I can now post some photos taken last week, as the wi-fi here is much better.

Joanna in Richmond Castle

The house I lived until I was ten is on the left. I hasn’t changed one bit.

On the right is another photo of Joanna in Richmond Castle. She had a lot of fun climbing the keep.

Last night we had a fantastic Indian meal with Will, Sophia and Margaret. My brother had dental work during the day and couldn’t make it, but we went back for a cuppa afterwards and tormented him. Another late night and an early start this morning has made us all tired, but not too tired to get a shower, freshen up and head for the bar. Time is running out and there is a lot to see in London. Myles (Lester’s nephew) and Terri (Lester’s sister) are joining us tonight.

I gave my sister-in-law a copy of  ‘Girl on the Beach’ last night for my brother to read, as I talk about him in the book. I think he may be flattered by my mention, at least I hope he is.

Hopefully Lester in on the underground now, after dropping the car off at Heathrow. It wasn’t a bad car, but I am happy we have no more long journey’s, it was exhausting. Now time to have fun in London. Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant tomorrow…..I hope he pops in!

Friends since 1975!


We had a fabulous day today, visiting my dear friends Sandra and David just outside Berwick-upon-Tweed. Almost in Scotland. Sadly I forgot to take any photos, but I have them all in my head.

Sandra was my boss when I was 18, and working for Richmondshire District Council. I worked in the Treasurers Dept. This is where my story ‘Guy at the Bar’ was set.

I learned a great deal from Sandra. Her husband David took the photos when I married Lester way back in 1977. A great job he did too. Sandra and David breed Exmoor Ponies, beautiful chubby animals. There are only about 2000 of these ponies left in Britain, but Sandra and David are helping to increase these numbers. I wish I could have spent longer in Berwick, but it is a two-hour drive either way.
Whilst we were in Berwick, my lovely daughter spent the day with Margaret, my sister-in-law. They went shopping in (Joanna is attending a wedding in New Mexico when we get home). They also went to a wonderful farm shop that makes its own hand churned butter and ice cream. Finally they met up with my brother Bill and niece Sophia for (yes you guessed it) fish and chips. I believe my brother paid!!!! Wow, he must really like Joanna.

Lovely Exmoor Ponies

Tomorrow? Maybe Summerhouse. We have to pack ready for our trip to London on Friday, looking forward to fun in the big city and dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant.
Tomorrow night????? Indian Restaurant with Bill, Will, Sophia and Margaret (and of course Lester and Joanna).
Good night guys, tune in tomorrow!