Avengers – Endgame


I don’t normally post about movies, but I’m making an exception. My daughter and her husband asked us to go and see Avengers – Endgame with them. I knew my husband desperately wanted to see it so what the heck, I went!
I have to tell you…I LOVED IT!
From the banter exchanged between the characters, to the special effects and battle scenes. It was a great movie. Even if you aren’t an Avengers fan, go see it.
Yes…I adore chubby Thor!

Just Chill!

Do you find it hard to relax? I do! We go on vacation and unwind, but why can’t we do that at home? Life is way too short to keep up the crazy pace we set for ourselves.

Its the weekend, kick back and chill.


Good Friday in Abruzzo

Each Village has its own emotional procession. I was honored to be a part of this.

Vasto and Fossacesia

Trabocchi Coast

Life doesn’t get much better than this. The Chieti coastline.

Abruzzo – The Old Olive Mill

What a difference a year makes. My daughter and I fell in love with this old house when it was empty, dusty and dressed in yellow. I know immediately it was the one.

The Beauty of Abruzzo


I never tire of the rugged beauty and greenery of Abruzzo. It soothes my soul!

Adriatic Sabato


And Saturday is here again. Always busy with chores because I work during the week. Not complaining, I have an interesting job among very special folks. If I didn’t work I wouldn’t have things to look forward to, like my upcoming trip to Abruzzo. Feast your eyes on this rugged unspoiled coast. Isn’t it beautiful? I can’t wait to call Abruzzo my home, but wait I’ll have to, because it’s not quite time.

In two weeks I’ll be enjoying this beautiful view in person. An Adriatic Saturday!
Good things are worth waiting for!




A year ago we were in staying in the beautiful Adriatic town of Vasto.
It was my husband’s first trip to see the home we’d bought for retirement in Abruzzo. We had no time to relax. Two weeks were spent cleaning, finding furniture, buying and fitting light fixtures, opening a bank account etc., etc., before returning back to the US to work (we have to pay for the house somehow).
I found this photo today. It’s the view from the beautiful Residence Amblingh
This was where we stayed for two weeks while we worked on our house, it was our haven and kept us sane.

Bye Bye Brexit


Brexit is going to be stopped by Uri Geller famous Illusionist!
Its True!
Uri Geller was rather famous in the late sixties early seventies. He performed some spectacular illusions, but what I remember most, is his bending of spoons. Sounds silly doesn’t it, but it was quite intense to watch. I attempted it myself several times, but with no luck!
Yesterday, I came upon an article in the London Evening Standard about Mr. Geller’s threat to stop Brexit.
Apparently he’s written a letter to Theresa May, warning her that if she doesn’t put a stop to Brexit, he’d intervene and stop it telepathically.
We’re all tired of the ridiculous mess that has unfolded over the last couple of years, but now it may be worth tuning in again. If Brexit is actually halted, will it be telepathically by……URI GELLER FAMOUS ILLUSIONIST?

Whether you are for, or against Brexit, this new turn of events could prove entertaining!

The Play that Goes Wrong


Its been quite a while since I went to see a play. My mind has been on other things…moving, working, learning Italian, trying to finish my most recent writing project. It doesn’t leave time for much else. When someone gave me tickets to see “The Play that Goes Wrong”, my first thought was:
I don’t have time, I have too much to do, we have to drive down town, my husband won’t want to go…
Then I took a deep breath, called my husband, who was delighted at the thought of going to the see a good comedy. The Play that Goes Wrong is by no means a good comedy, it is a GREAT comedy! It takes quite a lot to make me laugh out loud, but this made me laugh until my sides hurt. Did my husband enjoy it too? Yes! Tears of laughter ran down his face.
If you get the opportunity to see this hysterical, well acted, unusual play, please don’t pass it up. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen since Spamalot.

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