Longing to be Back




55 Days to go!

If I could start my career over again, I’d be a travel counsellor. Nothing gives me more pleasure than traveling to new places and visiting place I’ve been before and loved.

Since my last trip to Italy (two years ago), I’ve had health concerns, a visit to the emergency room and more stress than I care to talk about, but I’m hoping to exercise the daemons and get all of these issues blown away in the place that soothes my heart and soul, Italy! I can’t wait to sit in the pool of the beautiful villa we’re renting, and look out at the perfect blue waters of the Mediterranean. 55 Days to go!


I’m tired – I need to rest in Campania


It’s been too long since my last visit and July seems an eternity away! Counting the days.

And for my Next Trip to Italy


Rented a villa which sits just behind this old ruin and overlooks Amalfi. Beautiful, gorgeous. I don’t want to come back and I haven’t even gotten there yet!

Amalfi by foot


I don’t think I’d ever tire of this view if I lived here. We walked from Ravello to Amafi today. The steps were pretty uneven in places so you hat to watch your footing. It was very hot, around 36 degrees, but worth it. The gelato at the bottom was delicious.


Ravello Italy

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you will know I live in Colorado, and love my home town, but my heart belongs to Italy. My favorite movie as a child was Roman Holiday.

My first trip to Italy was with my mum and my dear old Aunt Jenny. I was fifteen. It turned my love of the country into an obsession. I love Italian cars, Italian shoes, Italian food, but most of all, I love the people. Even after several visits, the love affair remains strong. In fact my obsession has infected my husband.

Next year I am going to spend three beautiful long weeks seeing parts of the country I haven’t seen before. Of course I will spend a couple of nights in Rome. Rome is my favorite city so far, but my travels will also take me to Milan, Ravello, Sienna, Verona and Lake Garda. Ravello is what I am looking forward to most. I can’t wait to walk down into Amalfi and enjoy the breathtaking views. One year to go, but counting down the days.



No I didn’t take this photograph, but I will take one just like it next year.