More Time to Walk!

I was lucky enough to work for a great company before I retired. Loved the people I worked with and miss them terribly, but I was always juggling my time. When COVID hit and we began to work from home it was even more difficult because mornings ran into lunchtime, afternoons ran into evenings and before I knew it the day was over.
Weekends came and went in a flurry of paying bills, cooking, shopping and before I had time to rest it was Monday again. Of course it was even more frantic for me towards the end of my working career because we were selling our home too.
Now I’m finally retired, and living in Italy. My time is my own. A few chores, maybe a little laundry…then I can go for a walk, read, write (I will get that book finished eventually).
The other amazing thing is, I really don’t have many bills to pay. I lived in the US for 25 years and seemed to be constantly shelling out money. Property tax, gas bills, electric bills, homeowners insurance, car insurance, umbrella insurance, the list seemed endless. I hadn’t realized how expensive it was to live in America until I left. Of course I still have bills to pay, but not many.
Now I spend more time in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes. I walk daily, sometimes twice. My joy of photography has been reawakened.
At the moment, I’m restricted because of COVID, but next year at some point, road trips will be possible. Short breaks visiting different areas. Hopefully I’ve got ten good years in me before I’m decrepit, so I’ll make the most of them, retirement is a good thing. If anyone reading this is contemplating retiring early, do it!
Now I just need my daughter to visit and things will be good! Go away COVID and let us live again!!!

Trump and his love affair with HIMSELF!


This man is in love with HIMSELF!
Not sure what happened to the lower tax promise. My middle class taxes are much higher. He promised to make America great again! It already was great! This egotistical lunatic is washing it down into the sewer.

I’m sure his own pockets are being filled to overflowing with all the secret deals he’s making, and he’ll be paid well for the rest of his life. Disgusting! I wish he could see himself from the eyes of the rest of the world, as the bad joke that he is.

Can anyone do anything to stop this manipulating moron or will he be allowed continue to spread he racism and hatred? How can this be allowed to happen?

OK, had to get that out, it was festering inside me. Sorry, but I do feel better now.

Magnificent Rocky Mountain Winter Sunset





The sun put on quite a show as it slid behind the Rocky Mountains this evening.

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Dead of July_Cover_in-template

Learning from Mother Nature

Before I left home for work on Monday morning I took a photograph of my Aspen tree. Why is this tree so special? I bought it ten years ago, it cost me twelve dollars and was around two feet high. I have watched it grow and flourish.

It has survived being nibbled by the local deer and antelope. It didn’t give up and die when my dear husband decided it was blocking his satellite signal and chopped thirty food off the top.

It still stands proud and beautiful at the corner of my deck, bending in the wind and quivering in the breeze.

When I left for work on Monday it was bathed in morning sunlight, golden and magnificent.









A lot has happened since Monday. President Obama was re-elected. Some people rejoiced at this news and some did not. I find it hard to believe why a country as great as America can’t work together for a better future, despite your political and religious beliefs. Why are some people so extreme? Ignorance breeds hatred and fear.

Today is Saturday and a storm approaches. My Aspen tree has shed most of her leaves in preparation. Her branches will bend with the snow, she will adjust, but she will survive.








Let mother nature teach us a lesson. We need to lean into the wind, adjust with the seasons and make the best of everything we have. Fighting destroys nations, if this great country continues to fight, it will self implode. Look at yourself in the mirror and like who you are, be the person you want people to remember after you are gone.



The Journey of Life

In 1957 I was born to a loving mother, and a father who loved alcohol, working mans clubs and greyhounds.

In 1967 my drunken abusive father was a distant memory. My mum had re-married and we lived in a lovely village in North Yorkshire with my step dad. I was no longer the ‘odd one out’, or was I? I was always a ‘little different’.

I didn’t have to go to jumble sales to get my clothes anymore. The pantry was full of food. My step dad loved me and tried hard to make up for the years my mum and I struggled. Life was normal at last.

In 1977 I got married to a British soldier. It was a controversial marriage at the time because he was ‘black’ and mixed marriages were still frowned upon a little. It was an interesting and very enjoyable wedding.  I was very happy. We went to Babbacombe for our honeymoon. I was young and in love.

Have you ever noticed that the first ten years of your life seems like and eternity, the second ten goes a little quicker…..after that, its warp speed.

By the time 1987 came around I had lived in Dorset, which is the most beautiful county in England. I also lived and Dortmund, Germany for three years.

Whilst living in Dortmund, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl…Joanna. It was so hard to think of a name as I was convinced she was going to be a boy (Benjamin). The name Joanna came from the ‘Kool and the Gang’ song. It is the perfect name for her because the love and happiness she brought into our lives made us want to sing.

By the time 1997 came around, my husband had left the British Army to work for the Bank of England. After working for the Bank for five years, and living in Kent we moved to Denver, Colorado.

Colorado is beautiful.

In 2007 my beautiful talented daughter had left home, was done with college (DU), but still worked on her Masters. She had a full-time job and was already smarter and more successful than I would ever be. I had been married for thirty years and my unromantic husband surprised me and took me to Paris for a vacation. We went to the ‘Jules Verne’ for our Anniversary dinner. It was spectacular.

The ‘Jules Verne’ is half way up the Eiffel Tower. It is a beautiful unique dining experience and was the highlight of our trip to Paris. It was a fabulous vacation. We stayed on the left bank, which in my opinion is the ‘right’ side of the river. We went to the ‘Moulin Rouge’, which was a great experience. We drank champagne every single night, and we were very sorry to leave.

Now it’s 2012 and I have been married 35 years.

My beautiful daughter has a very good position at a successful company as well as going to Law School.

My husband is well-respected in his field and works very hard. He also runs his own IT Security Company.

And what about me? I have a good job too, but I also write and writing is my passion. I have finished my very first full length novel, of which I am very proud. Would I like to be a best-selling author? Of course. If it doesn’t happen it won’t break my heart though because I know I have given it my best shot.

I have written two short stories, based on my life experiences, which have done pretty well. They should have been edited better, but I was still a novice. My novel ‘Dead of July’(Preview) Dead of July will be edited and polished before it is released later this year. I am proud of it. My life has been quite a journey and I have lots to write about so this novel may be the first of many.

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Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Guy at the Bar Amazon

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK

Fire in the sky

Is the sky on fire? 

No, it’s just another Colorado sunset. Isn’t it beautiful?

I am so lucky to stand on my deck and look at this.

As long as I can remember I have loved to travel, but for the first time in my life, I have been happy to return home.

Who wouldn’t be with a view like this?

Sitting on the Throne (so to speak)

Please don’t ask me why I thought about this. I am sitting here, packed up and ready for a weekend in the mountains. I decided to sit down and blog whilst I wait for my dear husband to finish work when for some reason I started thinking about ‘bathroom graffiti’.  You know the sort I mean. It kept you amused if you had to use one of those disgusting public bathrooms, and forty years ago, the public bathrooms really were disgusting.

I remember as a kid, sitting on the toilet (or hovering above it for hygiene purposes) and reading the amusing quotes that were written on, or carved into the doors and walls. My youth was spent in England, but I am pretty sure that here in the US, the Graffiti was much the same.

Here I sit in such a caper……..Had a $*** and got no paper! 

Here I sit, broken-hearted, spent a penny but only farted!

As human beings, our sense of humor never ceases to amaze me. Seriously how long does anyone spend in a public restroom?

I decided to Google bathroom graffiti and was amused to see how the ‘quotes’ have changed.

Even Sookie made it into this bathroom. I remember in days gone by you would see lovers names in hearts and quotes like Sue loves Brian, I love Jeff etc etc. 

Teenage girls carved promises of undying love to unsuspecting young men on those bathroom doors. I wonder if the men’s bathrooms were the same?

Back in the sixties nearly every bathroom wall bore the sentence ‘Kilroy was here’. Kilroy certainly got around. Pretty soon another quote would pop up, it was.

‘I clapped my hands and jumped for joy ‘cos I was here before Kilroy’

It always tickled me, was this just the British sense of humor, or was this also scrawled on the walls of American public toilets?

Yes the quotes may have changed, but the need to express ourselves in public places remains the same.

New Home – New Life

So there we were, settled in our new home in Parker Colorado, with Christmas on the way. Life was good! We were making new friends. We even had ‘Old Friends’ so to speak. Our friends from the area in which we briefly lived in Englewood came to visit and I delighted them with a traditional English lunch of roast beef and Yorkshire puddings.

Traditional Sunday Lunch

I enjoyed showing off our new home. Compared to the terraced house (town home) we lived in England it was huge. We had a big back yard, which we would get to work on in the Spring. Two bathrooms, can you imagine that, two bathrooms!

We had a huge basement, which our friend Chuck was going to help us turn into an Office, with another bathroom. We had a laundry room in the basement. We felt so special!

Life was changing drastically and even though we didn’t realize it, we were becoming Americans!

We had a lovely Christmas in our new home, I cooked a huge Christmas dinner, much more than we could actually eat, but it felt good. We felt like we were Christening the house.

We Christened the house





1995 was drawing to a close and we were looking forward to 1996. A year where I hoped to be able to get a work visa and bring in some extra money, a year where Joanna would start yet another new school, and unbeknown to us at the time, Lester would start a new job.


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