Hurry Up – I’m Hungry


I was a little late feeding my feathered friends this morning. This little chap was waiting for me.

Spring is Coming

How do I know? The crazy woodpecker is hammering away on my metal chimney with its beak. When I hear that noise (which must give the poor bird an awful headache), I know spring is just around the corner. It gives me itchy feet, I want to plan a vacation. There will be no vacation for me until after June. I have a wedding to plan for my one and only daughter. Exciting times Instead I look back to last year, and the wonderful seascapes in Mexico.  DSC01281





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Ode to the Cricket



The evening is alive with the sounds of nature.

A competition between insect and bird.

Who will win?

The sun slides slowly down behind the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

A sign for the birds to sleep.

A bat flaps overhead

Hunting for food.

I shiver, I don’t like bats.

The noise of the night changes, as the crickets come to life.

Time to find a partner, time to mate.

Their call overpowers the silence of the night.

It’s a good night to be a cricket.

Dead of July (Small)


Colorado Nature

The sky looks angry, should I hide?

The sky looks angry, should I hide?

A heart shaped lilac smells as good as it looks.

A heart-shaped Lilac smells as good as it looks.

The angels guard my marigolds.

The Angels guard my Marigolds.

And the Humming Birds keep feeding.

And the Humming Birds keep feeding.

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