A Trip Down Memory Lane

The CrownWhen I was young I needed only my dreams and ambitions. As I aged I needed my husband and my daughter. I still had dreams and ambitions of course.

Now as I’m approaching old age. Yes, I said approaching, I’m not quite there yet, I need my old friends. Those folks I haven’t seen in 30 years or more. Is it because as I stroll towards my sunset years I need to say goodbye? I don’t think so. I just want to reconnect with the people I had so much fun with before responsibility took over.

I’m taking a trip down memory lane this year. Visiting my old haunts, rekindling my teen age years. Names have changed, people (like me) have moved far away, but hopefully one or two of my old friends remain.

Can’t wait to introduce my daughter and her new husband to faces and places. London, Birmingham, Northumberland and North Yorkshire.

It’s not to say goodbye, but to say “hello again.”

If anyone out there remembers me I’d love to see you. I’ll be in Richmond, North Yorkshire December 26, 27 and 28th.

Party Central in Bilston!

We had a busy and fun time in Birmingham and Bilston. I Slept like a log on Thursday night after our lovely meal with family I never knew I had. On Friday morning I  took a long walk to New Street, the Bullring and the Mailbox shops in Birmingham, all very nice. The best bit though, was the market. There were Market stalls as far as the eye could see. Indoor and outside. I stood for a while and listened to the ‘barrow boys’ shouting about their wares.

Monica at party central!

At around one o clock Monica and Teri, Lester’s sisters turned up, along with Teri’s son Miles. After a liquid lunch, we followed them to Lester’s brother’s house Bilston. Dolty (Lester’s sister-in-law) took us for a brief visit to the cemetery to visit Indiana Regina Thompson’s grave (Lester’s mum). After that it was PARTY TIME.

I am pretty sure the whole of Bilston knew we were partying as the huge speakers blasted reggae music into the night. More curried goat, fried dumplings, fritters, chicken, ribs and the most delicious Jamaican rum cake.

Party in full swing

It was incredible how many people squeezed into Dolty and Ten’s house. It was a very chilly night, but the BBQ in the garden (and the rum) kept the chill away. I think there may have been a hundred people there. We were so honored and thrilled that they all took time to come and see us. Joanna was overwhelmed and happy to meet family she never knew she had. The Thompson side of the family is big, and getting bigger. We held the cutest looking kids you ever saw, seriously!

I reconnected with family I hadn’t seen in over 20 years, and met others for the first time. Lester was having a blast, as was Joanna. As the night progressed the music got louder and it reminded me of the seventies and eighties. Ten used to be a DJ and his music collection spans time.

We were sad to say our goodbyes at the end of the night.

We had a very slow drive from Birmingham to Darlington (county Durham). Rain and road works made it hard going. We made it though and arrived at my brother Bill’s in the late afternoon. Nice to see him, now I know why I am so eccentric, I follow in his footsteps. We will get together more over the next few days (and maybe I will actually sneak a photo of him).

Tonight it is the reunion with my nieces, and their family (who I will be meeting for the first time).

Lester's brother 'Ten'

Day two in good Olde England

Can’t attach my photos right now, but we left High Wycombe this morning. Wish we could have stayed another day!

We drove to Chatham Kent and stopped at our old Sweet Shoppe to buy chocolate brazils and lemon sherbets, most of which have been eaten now (and not by me). I finally drove on the left hand side of the road, all the way into Birmingham and our hotel. Scary, but I survived. Too tired to sit down, so I swam, did water aerobics, hot tub and steam room. That kept me busy until it was time to get showered and ready to meet my sister-in-law, Monica. Quick drink at the bar and then off we went to a Caribbean Restaurant. Fabulous food, kalalou, curry goat, rice and peas, fried dumplings….all the things you shouldn’t eat, but can’t resist! Washed it down with Champagne (what else?) and followed it up with some wonderful coconut ice-cream brownie. Yum, and oh yes, my tummy is very full.

Whilst enjoying these culinary delights, I met several people I had never met before, and who’s names I will have to be reminded of, but I really enjoyed meeting them. I think they would be, cousins on Lester’s side. Some of them very young (six month old twins, a three-year old and a ten-year old), each one of them a pleasure to meet. The evening went way too quickly and I hope to meet this newly found family again, even if just to keep in touch with on face book. It was lovely to meet them.

Returned to the Birmingham Marriott with Monica, Lester’s big sister and we had a night-cap before retiring! Exhausted.

Tomorrow, Terri (Lester’s younger sister) comes to town and we are all going to Bilston for another family get-together and more wonderful Caribbean food. Can I take anymore?????? You bet I can. Delicious home cooked Jamaican food, who could refuse. Mix it with family I don’t get to see too often and it equals a perfect day!

The Bullring!

The Bullring in Birmingham

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Getting in the mood for my trip to England. Its been a while. Everyone I talk to in England tells me how much the country has changed. Pretty soon I will see for myself.

First stop is with our good friends Sharon and Michael Dolly, and then the following morning we will make a quick trip to Chatham, just for old times sake.

Then we drive to the Midlands and Birmingham for a couple of nights in the Birmingham Marriott. We will get together with the Thompson clan and friends.

Not quite the Wall Street Bull, but just as famous in its own right!

Of course I am taking my two novella’s with me, to air them in London.

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