The Ups and Downs of Life

Beautiful Colledimezzo

COVID is messing with my head and I’m sure I’m not alone.
The English strain of the virus is becoming a problem in Abruzzo, particularly in the province of Chieti, where I live. This means we’re back in the red zone, and I can only leave my village with a self certification form, and a good reason. I understand but wish people would follow the rules and be a little more cautious. We need to beat this virus and get back to a normal way of life.
My surroundings make confinement bearable. I had a beautiful walk today. The view lifted my spirits.
Yesterday my daughter told me she’s booking her flights for the end of the year. Not safe to consider international travel until Christmas at the earliest, but it gives me a whole year to look forward to seeing her.
Who’d have thought we’d still be battling this? I have a bottle of Champagne in the fridge which I’m keeping for the day we’re all free again. I may drink it all to myself.
Stay safe everyone!

A Traditional Happy New Year!

I decided to start of 2013 in a very traditional way, cooking, enjoying a little good wine and watching some movies.

OK, so I am a little tired from seeing in the New Year, but that OK. I was with good friends.



I have a duck prepared, stuffed with onions and oranges and ready to go into the oven. Orange sauce is made to dribble over it (Grand Marnier, orange marmalade, orange juice, orange peel and ginger) very easy to make. White wine sauce in the works. Bacon in the roasting pan ready for the roast potatoes.Veggies washed and in the steamer (I have to eat something healthy) Red wine decanted and aerating. Sounds perfect….it is.

With that I wish you all