Christmas has passed

In the blink of an eye its gone! The tree remains until Epiphany as is the tradition, but Christmas day has passed us by. It was busy with cooking, but calm. Nice to spend it with friends and glad we had friends we could spend it with.
We’re in Abruzzo and a long way from our daughter in Colorado, but she called us, and was happy. She was with her husband and they’d been skiing. Had she been miserable it would have torn us apart.
Now it is “Il giorno di Santa Stefano” in Italy, which is a holiday! The village is quiet other than the sound of the church bells.
It’s also my late mother’s Birthday. I miss her.
What to do today? I think I’ll potter around the house and faff! Yes, when you retire, there is time to faff! No sunshine today, gloomy and cloudy. Maybe a good day to catch up on the children’s book I’m writing, learn a little more Italian and then maybe watch TV and relax.
Life passes by so quickly. You’re young and then suddenly…you’re retired.
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas even if you were alone.


Putting up the Christmas tree brings back such sweet memories.

Christmas, the event we plan for weeks, passes in the blink of an eye. More memories are made. The joy of having the family together is magical, but another year passes by. Why did it go so quickly? I want to keep my family close to me, but life doesn’t allow it. I treasure and remember the precious moments, holding them in my heart forever.










The Christmas lights still shine outside, a twinkling warmth in the cold night air, a reminder of love and laughter.

Life moves on and time waits for no one.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

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