Christmas in Colledimezzo

Looking back at the photos and wishing we were still there. Christmas in Abruzzo is how Christmas should be. Traditional, simple and full of fun. From home-baked treats to Nativity Scenes made by local schools, Santa and his elves, excited children. It was beautiful. The Christmas lights weren’t ridiculous and choreographed, but welcoming and bright, just like the people.

Can’t wait to do it again!

Christmas Spirit? I don’t think so!

Had to share this little Travel Mishap with you, it was way too good not to!

I love Christmas. I am a 54-year-old kid all the way through December. I love the bad parties just as much as the good ones. My Office is lit with Christmas lights. I have a table display of tacky Christmas ornaments, including a Santa in a bath chip and dip bowl. I keep it full of chocolates. I play Christmas music from December 1st…..I just love it.

If I had a dog it would look like this at Christmas

December is a happy month.

I had to stop off at our local Costco to pick up a few things and decided to sample some dim sum which was being offered. I was just about to take a sample when an older gentleman walked in front of me almost knocking me over and took the last two samples….OK maybe he was hungry.

I went down the next aisle to pick up some honey smoked salmon…yum, and took a sample that was being offered. I heard a disturbance behind me and I turned around to see the mean old gentleman, who had taken the last dim sum, pushing my cart and muttering loudly. “Hey” I said “Sorry if it’s in your way, I got distracted. Let me move it for you”

He launched the cart at me and muttered something in what sounded like Italian. It couldn’t be though. Italians are nice.

Next aisle, tamales, Ok I will try a sample of tamales as I pass.

I had just popped this sample in my mouth when the mean-spirited old man appeared again. “Have you not had dinner? What are you eating now?”

I looked behind me, was he talking to me? Yes he was!  His face was so angry I wanted to laugh. What could I possible have done to the man to make his dislike me so much.
Of course now I had to tease him because he was so funny. His wife was with him, poor woman. She looked uncomfortable and embarrassed.

I smiled sweetly at the crazy old fool and told him this was my dinner and would he like to join me. His face turned purple as he pushed his way past me.

He went and stood by the fresh meat allowing his obviously long-suffering wife to carry  on with her shopping.

I caught his eye and smiled and waved at him, I just couldn’t help myself. He looked away. When he looked back again I blew a kiss. Couldn’t help it, he had picked on the wrong person.

I got on with my shopping and went to look in one of the fridges. His wife came and stood next to me and we chatted and compared prices. In the background the crazy man…I think he was German, was yelling. “Come away, don’t look in there now. Not now Come away”

I looked at his wife and smiled sweetly. “Your husband doesn’t like shopping does he?”

She looked back at me and smiled the long-suffering smile of someone who has had to tolerate this type of behaviour for a long time. Poor lady!

I unintentionally followed this couple around Costco for the next five minutes and listened to his muttering and ranting which was endless.

What a mean spirited individual. I watched the faces of people he passed by. They all turned to look at him. An angry man with a twisted angry face, ranting in a foreign language.

I hope his day got better. He sure made mine. I laughed all the way home.