2012 – A year to remember?

What was memorable about 2012? Lets start at the very beginning.

January – Couldn’t find a memorable in World events! I turned 55 (UGH).


February – Twelve people were killed as Tornadoes ripped through Kansas and Missouri. Early for Tornadoes, awful tragedy.

March – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets US President Barack Obama.

April – A 30-year-old man was today arrested here on the charge of murdering his father for not giving him money to buy liquor, police said. Really? Is liquor more important than life. What a strange world.

May – Ahh vacation for my husband and I. We spent a lovely week in Nuevo Vallarta at the Grand Velas. YES! Look at this sunset.

June – We had to leave this delightful sunset and go back to Colorado where the wildfires looked like they may destroy the state. With record temperatures and no rain, Colorado continued to burn. We thank the fireman for risking their lives to keep us safe.


July  – was the hottest month the continental US has seen since records began, federal scientists have said. Also in July a crazy young man ambushed a movie theater in Aurora, close to where I worked, and gunned down innocent people whilst they watched the new Batman movie. I won’t grace this monster with a name, but praise Christian Bale for his low-key visit to honor the memory of those murdered.

August – Celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary. Went to our first ever Rodeo in the lovely town of Steamboat Springs in Colorado. What a great Cowboy town, otherwise known as Ski Town USA. Planning a second visit. Beautiful friendly town.CIMG1099

September – My lovely daughter Joanna turned 28. Where did the years go? Seems like only yesterday she was a toddler.

October – Seriously tired of the US Election campaign and the nasty vicious Political games.

November – Love him or hate him Barack Obama was elected to his second term as President of the USA. Personally, I love him and his family. I celebrated.

Barack Obama


December – Here we are at the end of another year. Sadly December brought another school shooting. This time in Connecticut where 26 people were gunned down – twenty of them children between the ages of six and seven. You would have to be insane to be murder children? Why are the mentally insane not cared for in a facility where they are not a threat to society?
2012 wasn’t all bad and I have some great memories, but 2013 is going to be AWESOME. My new book ‘Dead of July’ will be published in March (Preview) Dead of July, which is exciting. I think the world should learn from the mistakes of 2012 and make 2013 a much better year. The Mayan calendar ended, but the world did not. We are here to care for each other and care for the earth. Be aware of those around you, if they need help, don’t ignore them.