Only one more Friday of being at home before I start my new job. A new adventure I never expected. I look forward to starting a fresh with new friends and colleges and learning new skills in a large International Company. I’ve heard the culture is fantastic. So excited!

For sixteen years I worked at a small private company. The early years were good. We were heavily involved in charities and gave back to the community. I felt I was part of an organization that cared. I was proud to tell people where I worked. Then greed set in!

Greed is an awful thing. There is a huge difference between running a successful business, and greed. Once greed takes hold it’s hard to shake off. Promises were broken, trust lost, loyalty cast aside. When they laid me off, I was hurt and confused, but also a little relieved. It gave me the push I needed to try something new.

Take heed all you entrepreneurs who are starting businesses and tempting employees to come onboard with promises of greatness. Keep your promises! Your company is only as good as those people who work for you. If they believe in you, they’ll do whatever it takes to make you and your venture succeed.

If you betray them and make promises you don’t intent to keep, your business will fail because they won’t believe in you anymore. Loyalty is something you must earn. A great company is built by great people from the bottom up. Lead by example, it’s the only thing that works.


I Feel Good!

So relieved I don’t have to look for a job anymore. Start date May 23rd. I’m sure within a couple of months I’ll be dragging myself out of bed, complaining about having to get up early, but that’s life.

Searching for a job takes so long. Interviewing is exhausting.

Now I’ll make the most of my two weeks of me time.


Wish me LUCK!

And today is my last scheduled interview. No new jobs seem to be appearing. Are they all published at the beginning of the month? Whats the deal here? So I’m drinking my coffee and planning my strategy.

I’m still waiting to hear back from my second round of interviews with a great company, but that was two weeks ago. Surely I’ll hear soon! If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

Does anyone else have job hunting stories they want to share with me. Does anyone need to vent about losing their job? I’d love to hear your frustrations, adventures, and how it all turned out. I still look upon this as a great opportunity. I am no longer with a company I was tired of and had lost respect for.

I just don’t like the waiting game, not patient with it. I want to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in somewhere else.



Dead of July – Snowy Sunday in Colorado

DSC02872The snow finally stopped, and I think the sun is trying to peep through the thick blanket of clouds. Maybe I can get the snow blower out today. It’s a perfect day to stay home and work on my short story. It should be finished by now, but my job loss completely messed up my routine. Most of my mornings are spend job hunting and that sucks any creativity from my brain. Can’t wait for things to get back to normal.

Sitting on my tractor watching the snow blow through the air will actually be a nice mindless pastime. Two hours of sifting through jobs this morning is more than enough. I’m going to make the most of my snowy Sunday.

For an amusing read, try my first novel Dead of July which is currently available on Amazon. I haven’t had time to market it properly yet, but I’ve still sold a couple of hundred copies. I know that doesn’t even pay for producing the book, but it’s going to be there a while. Enjoy your Sunday!