Wish I Was HERE!

Wish I was here!

The beautiful Adriatic, only twenty five minutes away, but it may as well be on another continent. The red zone doesn’t permit me to visit.
I’m stocked up with wine food and even bought some comfortable chairs so we can relax on the patio. We have books. We have a lovely view, what more could we ask for…FREEDOM!
I just wish we could get the stupid virus under control. Seems like we’ve almost cracked it and then…another variant rears its ugly head.
One day we’ll enjoy visitors in our (three hundred year old) new home. One day we’ll drive across the mountains to the Amalfi Coast…one day.
Until then I have my books, comfortable chairs and sunshine.
Stay safe everyone!


I enjoy my daily afternoon walks, especially on days like this. The weekend snow has almost disappeared. Trees are blossoming and flowers turning their heads towards the sun. The end of winter is in sight. If only we could wash COVID away with the snow. So tired of it. I heard there were a couple of cases in our village today, I hope they’re not serious. I really want life to be normal again.
Can you remember what a normal life was like?
Stay safe everyone, and let’s look forward to spring.

Zona Gialla – Yellow Zone

For the last four months (give or take), my life has been controlled by colors. Yellow (gialla), is the color I like to see. Why?
Yellow means I have a little freedom.
Abruzzo danced into the yellow zone today. What a fantastic feeling. It means I can drive to Fossacesia and look at the beautiful Adriatic. Restaurants are open for lunch again (but not dinner). Bars are open until six pm. A 10:00 pm curfew is still in place, but I’m not usually out after 10:00 anyway. A mask is mandatory, and anyone not wearing one will be fined, as they should be, but at last I can travel a little further than the next village.
Tomorrow (without having to complete a self certification form) I’m going to Citta Sant Angelo to do a little shopping. I may find a quiet little restaurant by the Adriatic to stop for lunch. Freedom is something we take for granted, until it’s taken away. Let’s hope everyone is sensible while enjoying this newly granted freedom, if they are, it may be here to stay.
Buonnanotte a tutti!