Chchch Changes


My driver’s license photo is ten years old because I renewed on-line five years ago! Today, I had to go to the DMV. A ten-year old photo just doesn’t cut it.  The eye test, it was pretty easy…and then I had to answer the questions…Changes

Weight? UGH – probably 10 pounds heavier than ten years ago, but 1 pound a year isn’t bad is it?

“I have your hair color down as red” she said and her eyes rested on my short grey hair, “I guess I’d better change that too”


Ziggy Played Guitar!

Lots of people I admire have passed away. It happens when you get to my age, unavoidable. Of course it saddens me and makes me realize my years are numbered too.

David Bowie’s death was the one that hit me the hardest. His songs got me through my teens. My heart missed a beat every I heard his music. Saw him back in the early seventies and it was the best concert I ever went to. Earls Court London! I don’t think a day goes by without me thinking about him. When he died, all my friends called me expressing their sympathy, they knew he was a big part of my life. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a weird obsession, I just loved his music. I loved what he was and what he brought to the world. RIP David. I hope you’re smiling down on us!

Ziggy Played Guitar

It’s taken me all week to be able to blog about David Bowie.

I’d never have survived my crazy teenage years without him. I’d lock myself in my bedroom and play his music as loud as my parents would allow me. I didn’t listen to it, I felt it. I’m pretty sure he wrote ‘Life on Mars’ just for me. Hunky Dory was probably my favorite Album, so as you can guess, the most difficult of my teenage years were during the early seventies. I loved David Bowie. I loved his smile, his style, his crazy make up, his odd eyes. I loved that he was different, because I felt different too.

His style, magic and music changed with the times. It never dated.

I’m 59 now, ten years younger than my idol was when he passed away. A little bit of my life went with him.

Now I hope he’s looking down at the world, and maybe sharing a joke with the second great Englishman that died this week. I’m talking about Alan Rickman of course. May the both rest in peace.




When you get to a certain age, you start to look back over your life. I find myself doing that more and more. I’m not OLD, but I’m not young either. I’m closer to 60 than 50. Of course I’ve been influenced by events and people over the years, but I’ve done most things my way, and I’m proud of it.

Beat the clock

I was born in the fifties…Of course I remember nothing of those years. I was too young. I don’t even have any photographs. For some reason this TV show pricks my memory. Bruce Forsythe and ‘Beat the Clock’



I do remember the sixties…I became a teenager during those exciting years. Looking back the sixties changed everyone’s life. Twiggy, Rock Festivals, oh the music.

Ch ch changes

Ch ch changes

I do remember the seventies…I drove my parents insane during those exciting years. The music was the best I can remember. David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Lou Reid, Motown. David Bowie was my idol. I dyed my hair red, spiked it up and became his biggest fan. I traveled all the way from my home in Brompton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire to see him perform at Earls Court in London. It was one of the highlights of my life. I got married in 1977 too! I’m still married. In the time that getting divorced was the thing to do, we stay married. It wasn’t always a bed of roses, but after 38 years we’re still together.

The eighties

The eighties

In the eighties music, and the world turned weird…hairstyles and fashion were garish and bright. There was some good music, but no one seemed to have any direction. I had a blast during the eighties because I was in my twenties and living in Germany. I also gave birth to a beautiful baby girl so the eighties were special for me.

In the nineties…we moved to the good old US of A. It was an exciting adventure. We made new friends, learned the American language (which is much different to British English), visited San Francisco, rode horses, went to baseball games. It was different and we liked it. We must have liked it a lot, we’re still here!

images (1)

And now we’re in the 21st Century…wow!

My daughter is married and living in a different city. She earns more than me! I’ve become a writer, just part-time because I still work. What do I think of the 21st Century? I love it…but I still listen to David Bowie!

I’ve written lots of short stories about the seventies, which are currently being edited, but my first novel is set in Germany in the eighties. Its a ghost story called Dead of July.

Dead of July_Cover_in-template

Last week I when was seventeen – 1971

David Bowie1

Moon Age daydreams filled my head

Last week when I was seventeen

Adventure, excitement, I’d paint the town red

Last week when I was seventeen.


The Fashions were daring

The colors were bright

We were brave and rebellious

We stayed out all night

We did what we wanted and suffered the cost

I wish I were still there,  but those days have been lost.

Shoes 1971

I hobbled around in shoes just like these

Mum they’re comfortable honest, don’t worry, I’m fine

I won’t twist my ankle or fall on my knees

I love them, look at me, don’t I look sublime?

Life was so much fun, last week when I was seventeen, in 1971

Where did the time go?

Can I really be old?

Music and Memories

Sitting here on this sunny Colorado afternoon at 5:25 mountain time on Sunday August 11th 2013 – I look back at my life and smile. I am fifty six years old and I think I have plenty to smile about.  This afternoon I am remembering music, and what a huge part it played in my life.

What was the first record I ever bought?    Albatross by Fleetwood Mac. The year was 1969

What was the first open air concert I went to? Reading. Saw Rod Stewart, Curved Air and Hawkwind. FANTASTIC – crazy times.

Best Concerts I’ve ever been to were David Bowie at Earls Court in 1973 and Michael Jackson at Earls Court in 1989 and 1992.

Finally remembering with great fondness, the last Michael Jackson concert I went to with my husband and my eight year old daughter. It was amazing. I can’t believe he isn’t with us anymore. RIP Michael.

Shoes Glorious Shoes!

Not many things in life make me as happy as shoes.

In the early to mid seventies I was a teenager and loved David Bowie, my footwear reflected it.David-Bowie

Silver platform boots

Silver platform sandals

For a while I liked Elton John too!

Elton Elton John

 Yes, I actually wore these.



I got married in 1977 and grew up a little. My first serious pair of shoes were bought in Russell and Bromley in Bournemouth, they were beautiful. In 1980 they cost me fifty pounds. That was a lot of money back then. They pinched my toes, but I managed to dance the night away in many discos, marvelling at how beautiful they looked. How I loved those shoes. They looked something like this, but were gold snake-skin.


Special shoes

Footwear became my addiction. I helped the economy of Italy with my purchases. High heels, peep toes, wedges, outrageous, beautiful, unwearable and gorgeous.

Fancy shoes


Bruno Magli


Everyone gets older and we have to tone down the heels as its neither becoming or comfortable to hobble about in high heels. It doesn’t mean we can’t be stylish though. Now I settle for…..

Cole Haan

Cole haan sandals

Donald Pliner


Attilio Giusti Leombruni


Now I keep the sales staff in Nordstrom shoe dept busy!



PS. I write stories too!

Preview Dead of July


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Waking up Beautiful

Waking Up Beautiful

centerpiecen 1

You are all probably starting to realize that this blog covers everything. I ramble about travel, current affairs, bad experiences with companies……yes I have a lot to say.

Today I want to talk about the lovely positive experience I always have with a fantastic young lady called Rebecca Cordiano, the owner of Waking Up Beautiful.

I have been going to Rebecca at Waking Up Beautiful for three years.

My first visit was in 2009 to have my eyebrows fixed. What do I mean by fixed?

Permanent make-up. They look great, no one would know they weren’t natural. Why did I have them done you may ask? When I was in my teens I shaved both off eyebrows because David Bowie didn’t have eyebrows and I was (and still am) a HUGE David Bowie fan. David Bowie EyebrowsYes, I used to have my hair done like his too, my hair didn’t suffer, but my eyebrows never grew back so I had to pencil them in. It was pretty tough to get them even.

You don’t need to be minus eyebrows to have work done. You may just want your eyebrows re-shaping to enhance your facial features.

How did I hear about Rebecca? My friend Lisa told me about her. I complimented her one day, because she looked so great. Her eyes looked different, more open.

“It’s called permanent make-up” she told me.

I looked at my friend’s beautiful natural looking face.  Her eyeliner, lips and cheeks all had permanent color on them, she literally woke up every morning looking naturally beautiful.

Nervous, but determined to give it a try, I made an appointment with Rebecca and I was thrilled. No more tricky pencil jobs every morning to get my eyebrows in place. I woke up with natural brown eyebrows. They frame my face enhance my eyes. I had them touched up last year, but other than that no maintenance required.

Now I visit Rebecca every six weeks for a derma-scrape and chemical peel. My skin looks fantastic  afterwards and I truly enjoy her company. She is a pleasure to be with. She loves her work and her enthusiasm is refreshing.

If you are in the Denver area, try  Waking Up Beautiful yourself.

Award-winning makeup artist since 1990
Certified as a Paramedical Aesthetician since 1997
by the Colorado School of Paramedical Aesthetics
Master Certified IntraDermal Cosmetic Technician
Certified as an Instructor for the American Institute
of IntraDermal Cosmetics (AIIC)