Brump and Trexit – The woes of a British American



I get the double whammy,
My head it hurts like hell!
Not only do I suffer Trump,
But the Brexit news as well.

I try my best to ignore it all,
But it’s very hard to do,
With news and tweets and all that stuff,
I hear it all brand new.

Now Trump I just can’t tolerate,
He just offends my eyes,
His mouth and hands and ugly face
And oh my lord his lies.

So what to do to get away,
And leave it all behind,
Maybe I’ll just emigrate,
Before I lose my mind!

Learning from Mother Nature

Before I left home for work on Monday morning I took a photograph of my Aspen tree. Why is this tree so special? I bought it ten years ago, it cost me twelve dollars and was around two feet high. I have watched it grow and flourish.

It has survived being nibbled by the local deer and antelope. It didn’t give up and die when my dear husband decided it was blocking his satellite signal and chopped thirty food off the top.

It still stands proud and beautiful at the corner of my deck, bending in the wind and quivering in the breeze.

When I left for work on Monday it was bathed in morning sunlight, golden and magnificent.









A lot has happened since Monday. President Obama was re-elected. Some people rejoiced at this news and some did not. I find it hard to believe why a country as great as America can’t work together for a better future, despite your political and religious beliefs. Why are some people so extreme? Ignorance breeds hatred and fear.

Today is Saturday and a storm approaches. My Aspen tree has shed most of her leaves in preparation. Her branches will bend with the snow, she will adjust, but she will survive.








Let mother nature teach us a lesson. We need to lean into the wind, adjust with the seasons and make the best of everything we have. Fighting destroys nations, if this great country continues to fight, it will self implode. Look at yourself in the mirror and like who you are, be the person you want people to remember after you are gone.



Yin and Yang a VENTING Post

I sit in my lovely warm home drinking a nice chilled glass of wine. I have just eaten a delicious meal ‘gumbo’ cooked by my husband. The house smells of cooking and scented candles. I am very lucky and I appreciate it.

I have a good job, as does my husband and we both have medical insurance. I count my blessings every single day.

I have a lovely smart daughter with a good man who cares for her.

With all of those things going for me I am now going to vent.

We all pay towards medical insurance, so between the three of us, that is a lot of money. I am not going to give the name of my Medical Insurance Provider, as I am guessing that they are all the same. They border on illegal practices and it makes me angry.

We get referrals from our doctors to get things like MRI’s, CAT scans etc. We wait until our insurance company approves the treatment. Once they do the hospital calls and schedules an appointment. Everything goes smoothly right!


You get a bill from the hospital that says your insurance company has not contributed to your treatment. You owe almost a thousand dollars and spend the next month or so straightening this out, by which time you are agitated, frustrated and disillusioned.

What to we pay for?

As I said earlier, I am lucky . I am also able to fight these people because I know they are wrong. They try to get as much money as they can, money they at is ours, not theirs.

Some families are not so fortunate and do not understand the border-line illegal practices of these large companies. They make payments and go without things they need in order to pay their bills and protect their credit. It sickens me.

It also sickens me that this country uses propaganda about the UK and Europe, as bad examples of medical coverage. I lived with ‘the National Health Service’ for 39 years and I never once waited for surgery or had a problem with a doctor. I never had to declare bankruptcy to pay my medical bills either. Contrary to popular belief I never had to pull out my own teeth with a pair of pliers. I have very good teeth.

Get real! Do your research and realize that OBAMACARE might actually work.

I am very tired of the petulant Republicans fighting to get their own way, just to throw a spanner in the works. Everyone needs to open their eyes and realize there is a world outside of the United States, and it is a modern, well-educated world.

Don’t get me wrong, I love America. I wouldn’t be living here if I didn’t, but I do get tired of people who don’t look beyond their own garden fence.