Wasting Energy on WORK!


Oh dear me! I’m tired, exhausted, I need some ENERGY!
It’s February and cold.
Not much daylight, and yes, I am getting old.
I rise at 5:15 am and stretch, not sure I’d get through the day without stretching those limbs. I lift light weights fifteen minutes and use the step machine for a little while too.
Then its shower, coffee, yoghurt, granola and off to work!
The day is a blur of calls, meetings, invoices…….you know, I think thats the problem. I feel fine in the morning, but that thing called work is sapping my energy.
I think I need to give it up!

I Feel Good!

So relieved I don’t have to look for a job anymore. Start date May 23rd. I’m sure within a couple of months I’ll be dragging myself out of bed, complaining about having to get up early, but that’s life.

Searching for a job takes so long. Interviewing is exhausting.

Now I’ll make the most of my two weeks of me time.


And the Fat Lady Sings!



I got a verbal offer today, followed by an emailed offer letter. Yes, it was the position I wanted so badly. I am so excited. Things don’t come easily to me, I always have to work hard for what I want, which is why this is so sweet. Now I get to work for a great company with great people. OK, so they still have to do a background check, but I don’t have anything to hide. In a little under two weeks I’ll be working again. Now I can enjoy the rest of my time at home without having to search for jobs every morning……HAPPINESS

When Opportunity Slaps you in the face!

In February of 1999 I was working in a small law firm with terrible pay and a slightly unbalanced boss. I’d been there for two years. Life was certainly exciting.

One afternoon I got a phone call from a recruiter who wanted to know if I’d thought about working in a Corporate Legal Dept. How she got my number I have no idea. I interviewed and was offered the job within 24 hours. Someone liked me! My pay doubled when I switched jobs. Life was good.

For the next nine years I learned a great deal and got several promotions. In 2009 the economy plummeted and around fifty percent of the company were given their marching orders…..I remained. I missed my friends who were no longer there.

The next five years weren’t so great and now I find myself a casualty of a very unexpected cut in the workforce. I’m not alone, but it still hurts. Sixteen years is a very hard habit to break, but I look at it as an opportunity. It’s nice to work somewhere for a long time, but your job shouldn’t become a habit. It should be something you wake up and get excited about each day.

Now, on the brink of a new opportunity, I’m scared and excited. I look at my exit as a gift. Oh sure, when I got the news I felt bitter, why me? I’m over it now though and honestly, it’s the company’s loss. I’m now ready and willing to put my enthusiasm and energy into something new. It’s exciting.

2015 is almost here and it really will be out with the old and in with the new. It’s an exciting prospect. 

Please let me work! PLEASE!

When we planned our move to America, I was excited at the prospect of not working. Isn’t everyone? I wanted to be a lady of leisure, that didn’t last long.

When you are working, you want to stop, when you aren’t working, you want to work again. I had held a full-time job my whole life, and when we moved to America, I had been glad of the rest.

I loved being home when Joanna got in from school, but Joanna was growing up and wanted things that cold be only bought when both parents were working. We all wanted things that needed a dual income. I needed my work visa so bad.

As luck had it, an attorney had taken a shine to me. He like the idea of having a Legal Assistant/receptionist with a British accent. As I like the idea of having a job, this worked out very well. Once an attorney gets involved, things begin to move. It only took a few months for me to be the proud owner of a visa allowing me to work in the United States. I could not believe I was excited about working. I felt like the guy below, from ‘Boys from the Blackstuff’.

In February of 1996 I started work in a small quirky Law Firm. The pay was awful, and I didn’t expect it to increase much, but I was getting the experience I needed, as well as making friends and new contacts.

I got to go to court and sit through Jury Trials. I contacted Private Detectives, talked to Judges. It was a whole different line of work for me, and at times I felt like I was in some crazy American movie. It was exciting!

Life was changing quickly for us. I hadn’t planned on working full-time ever again, but there I was in a full-time job. We had lived in Colorado for a little over a year, and I was beginning to feel like I had lived here my whole life.  I still had my British accent though!

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