I think I found Christmas!

It’s been a struggle this year! I worked so hard to finish my novel, but I got it done. Then I was very sick.  There was drama at work. The combination of all of these thing sapped my energy and emotion and I had nothing left.


I put up my Christmas tree, wrapped the Christmas gifts, wrote Christmas cards, but it was mechanical. I wasn’t doing anything from the heart. I couldn’t find my Christmas Spirit and it saddened me because I love Christmas. I love giving, getting together with family, having parties and of course I love celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ.

This year I felt numb. Was I too old? What was wrong with me? I was scared.

I met an old friend tonight, we had dinner together and then, all of a sudden, everything fell into place. Hallelujah, I had found Christmas at last.



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Hyperactivity – The Crazy Brit


I write ghost stories in my spare time. True stories may I add. Yes I do on occasion see dead people. OK, I’m a freak, but I’m used to it.

I see dead people

I work full-time, and my job in a corporate legal department is far from a doddle . An eight-hour day is pretty unusual. I love to work in my yard. I don’t go anywhere without a camera. My passion is travelling and experimenting with different food and wines.

Socializing is a must, as is shopping.

One of the best things in life is meeting new and interesting people.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because it’s 9:05 at night, I’ve been up since 5:30 and have just managed to sit down after pouring myself a glass of red wine to help me relax.

I laughed as I did so because I write about Paranormal Activity, when really I should be more concerned about Hyperactivity……..mine. I get worse as I get older. My brain races way ahead of my fingers and feet.

Everyone hears me laugh..A LOT.



I love to hear other people laugh too.

Again, why am I telling you all this? No clue, I’m just wondering why the heck I have so much energy and can’t sit still without a glass of wine on the table next to me, and my trusty laptop perched in front of me.

With that out of my system, I will now work on my short story ‘Girl on the Beach’ which I will be releasing soon.

In the meantime, watch out for my very first………full length novel – ‘Dead of July’, which will make you all gasp, laugh, hold your breath and want to read more. Hoping to get it on Amazon by September, or October at the very latest. When you read it, remember this blog, and the crazy Brit who wrote it. I wish you all a long and happy life.

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Slow Down – You’re going too fast

My journey through life is speeding by,

In 1977 I was a young bride,

In 1984 I was a young mother,

Where did the time go?

My baby is grown,

Has a life of her own,

Next year she gets married.

Where did the time go?

Relish the moment, it doesn’t last long,

Life passes by a bitter-sweet song.

Filled with love, loss, drama and constant rebirth,

Live every moment for all it is worth.


My next journey is as a writer, my first novel ‘Dead of July’ will be released in the fall.

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The Glory of England

My Childhood Home

My Childhood Home

My mum worked here as a housekeeper.

My mum worked here as a housekeeper.

Many long happy days were spent on the farm

Many long happy days were spent on the farm

Easby Abbey - Richmond In 1977 I was married here.

Easby Abbey – North Yorkshire. In 1977 I was married here.

Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle

Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Richmond, North Yorkshire.


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Before I publish my book ‘Dead of July’, I am taking a trip down memory lane and remembering what made me the person I am today. My Childhood was spent in the North of England. When I visited my old haunts a couple of years ago, I realized just how beautiful it was, and how lucky I was to have started my life there. Over the next month or so, I am going to share more images of my past. I hope you enjoy them.

Sandra Thompson interview.mp4

Dead of July (Small)
















Drama in the clouds

Thr rainbow struggles to make its mark

The rainbow struggles to make its mark

Dark beauty against the impending storm.

Dark beauty against the impending storm.

It loses its battle with the thunderous clouds.

It loses its battle with the thunderous clouds.

Gathering momentum, the storm clouds gobbl up the sunlight.

Gathering momentum, the storm clouds gobble up the sunlight.

Afternoon storms in Colorado are beautiful and dramatic. One is approaching as I write.













Sandra Thompson interview.mp4

Insipiration from Nature

How can I not be inspired when I wake up every morning and see this majestic sunrise. Colorado and the Rocky Mountains in all of their beauty would inspire the most unimaginative souls.

My dream has always been to write, and Colorado is helping me to live my dream.


Dead of July (Small)

My surroundings inspire me to write. Since I was thirteen, I have put my thoughts, dreams and ambitions on paper. More stories have been tossed aside than I care to mention, simply because I never had the courage or confidence to show them to anyone. Now I am in my mid fifties and my stories are demanding to be heard, so after a couple of short stories (a practice run to test the water), I am ready to release my first novel. ‘Dead of July’. I am not afraid anymore. Check out the preview below. My novel will be released in July. I am extremely excited and hope it brings excitement to the life of anyone who reads it. Check out the preview below.

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Good Morning Deer

The sun sneaks up from behind the trees

DSC00129and morning breaks through




The deer watch me from a distance,

Maybe wondering if I have a camera, or a gun.

Good Morning Deer – I won’t hurt you.

And now it’s back to writing to my book!

Snowy Sunrise – Franktown Colorado

Yes, I changed the header again. I am just having so much fun with the panoramic view on this camera. I’ll get over it. I snapped a couple of photos before I went to work this morning. What I really wanted to do was drive into the mountains and spend the day taking photographs……oh well.





Now the weekend is ahead and I have to put my camera down for a while and concentrate on my other hobby, the one I am trying to turn into a career, and that is writing.

My first short story ‘Girl on the Beach’ is still selling modestly. It was my first published work so it has a special place in my heart.

‘Dead of July’ is my first full length novel and it will be published in July 2013. I am very excited about this one.

Preview Dead of July

Check out my other blog if  you are interested in Paranormal Fiction.


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Have a great weekend folks and thanks for stopping by.


Why I live in Colorado!

I have lived in several different places in England, north and south. I lived in Germany too.

Now I live in Colorado and I never have to remind myself why.

The first snow fall powdered Pikes Peak!

I am so lucky to look out of my window to a view like this. To see the first snow fall on Pikes Peak.

The full moon last week.

I can sit on my porch, unobserved and take photos of the full moon as it slides into view.

I must be one fo the only people who shows up late for work because she has been running around her own back yard taking photos like a tourist.

I have lived in this house since 1997 and I never tire of the view.

I hope I never will!

It’s also a wonderful peaceful place for me to write my stories.

One of my short stories ‘Girl on the Beach’ is available to download for free from Amazon and my other story ‘Guy at the Bar’ is $0.99. Check out the links below. If you read my books, and enjoy them, let my know by ‘Liking’ my Facebook page.

Journey of a lifetime

I am still traveling the writer path and I have a long way to go, but I am learning so much along the way.

Over the last 24 hours over two thousand people have downloaded my free e-book ‘Girl on the Beach’ from Girl on the Beach (US).

I am not earning Royalties because it is free, but I am extremely happy that so many people will get to read my short story. Not everyone will like it, but maybe some readers will like it enough to want to read more of my work. I can only hope. To follow the journey of a seven-year old girl dealing with premonitions, download my book for free Girl on the Beach (US).

If you enjoy the story, read about the same girl at the age of 17 by downloading from Guy at Bar Amazon.com for $0.99.

Follow my travels and the travels of Sheila, a girl with a special gift that she has to learn to control.

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