Evening Chill – Autumn Glory

Gorgeous day and beautiful evening!
I’m finding my routine a little now. I lived in Colorado for over 20 years so uprooting myself to a different country was a bit of a challenge. A new language to learn! Even simple things like finding the best place to shop for groceries took a little time, let alone making myself understood. Proud of myself though, I can order in Italian at the deli counter and at the butchers. The folks in the stores are very helpful and patient. I try my hardest (sometimes with the help of Google Translate).
I miss my daughter terribly, but we talk and text. Can’t wait for her to come and visit, but it may be a while with the new lockdown rules and the rising COVID cases everywhere. We’ll have such a party when she finally gets here. Until then I’ll take my daily walks and enjoy the wonderful views.

Autumn in Abruzzo


Can’t wait to spend my first Autumn in Abruzzo. It looks spectacular.

Colors of October


Love the morning sky in October.

Morning Glory


Mornings like this are worth waking up for!

Hooked on Sunsets – Flaming Colorado – First Day of Fall


A glass of wine on the deck to welcome the new season. Fall in Colorado!

They just keep Hanging on!

Maybe my tree doesn’t like to be naked. All the aspens around it are bare. This one keeps hanging on to its leaves, or are the leaves hanging on to the tree?



Dead of July

A novel by Sandra Thompson

Dead of July_Cover_in-template


Frost and Fall Colors – A Perfect Morning



Dead of July

Dead of July_Cover_in-template

Fall Back?

Why is it that every six months, when you either spring forward or fall back, your brain gets mucked up. Of course I woke up extra early because it was light. Now its four o clock and its getting dark and I feel tired. The day has been extra long even though I fell back. I should feel better so why don’t I? AHHHHH! Ah why isn’t my body clock in sync with nature?


The Last Leaves



I planted these Aspen trees over ten years ago. The were less than twelve inches tall at the time. I remember the day well. My husband was working in Mexico City and I cut through the sprinkler pipe with my spade. Drama, but I worked out how to fix it. Now these trees are taller than my house, and always the last ones to shed their leaves. Aren’t they lovely?

Now, sitting here at my dining room table, looking at my trees, marveling at their growth and longevity, I tell myself. “Keep Writing!” One day, when I’m dead and gone, my Aspen Trees will still grow and maybe I will be remembered for my books. Currently I’m working on the re-launch of my first book, Girl on the Beach. It should be published late this year or early next year. 

Dead of July – Amazon  Dead of July – Smashwords

Dead of July_Cover_in-template

Learning from Mother Nature

Before I left home for work on Monday morning I took a photograph of my Aspen tree. Why is this tree so special? I bought it ten years ago, it cost me twelve dollars and was around two feet high. I have watched it grow and flourish.

It has survived being nibbled by the local deer and antelope. It didn’t give up and die when my dear husband decided it was blocking his satellite signal and chopped thirty food off the top.

It still stands proud and beautiful at the corner of my deck, bending in the wind and quivering in the breeze.

When I left for work on Monday it was bathed in morning sunlight, golden and magnificent.









A lot has happened since Monday. President Obama was re-elected. Some people rejoiced at this news and some did not. I find it hard to believe why a country as great as America can’t work together for a better future, despite your political and religious beliefs. Why are some people so extreme? Ignorance breeds hatred and fear.

Today is Saturday and a storm approaches. My Aspen tree has shed most of her leaves in preparation. Her branches will bend with the snow, she will adjust, but she will survive.








Let mother nature teach us a lesson. We need to lean into the wind, adjust with the seasons and make the best of everything we have. Fighting destroys nations, if this great country continues to fight, it will self implode. Look at yourself in the mirror and like who you are, be the person you want people to remember after you are gone.



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