To Watch or not to Watch


For five years or more I’ve tracked my daily steps with fitbit. About three years ago I decided to upgrade to an Apple watch. The things it did! I like to track my steps, monitor my texts and phone calls, keep an eye my heart beat etc., etc!

This morning when I removed my watch from charge, I dropped it…on the tiled floor in the basement. SMASHED! Not only was the face smashed, but also falling out of its case. Oh dear, I’m clumsy. Checked to see the price of a new one…SHARP INCREASE IN PRICE!

I believe I paid two hundred and change for my watch when I got it, now it will be over $400 to replace. What to do?

I lived without an apple watch for years, I survived, stayed healthy, dieted, answered phone calls. Do I spend the ridiculous amount of money now required to buy a new watch, or do I learn to live without one?

Steve Jobs…I miss you, your company misses you too!

Dance Like theres no Tomorrow!


When I was in my late twenties, and a young mother, I had to live with my parents for a couple of months while I waited for the army to accommodate me. My husband was in the Falkland Islands and I had a young daughter. I was resentful at losing my independence and wasn’t the best house guest!

One day, when my dad was out playing golf, I heard music in the living room. It wasn’t the type of music mum, who was almost 70, usually listened to. I opened the door quietly and peeped in to see what was going on. What I saw took my breath away and put a huge smile on my face.

My mum was jumping around the living room, swiveling her hips, shaking her arms and dancing as though her life depended on it. She had her back to me and never saw me watching her. Closing the door quietly I want to my little bedroom at the back of the house and left her to dance.

When I’m feeling down I remember that moment. My mum died over ten years ago, and I’m in my early sixties, but I’m going to live life like there’s no tomorrow and dance as long as I can.


FitBit Free and STILL ALIVE!

I’ve been fitbit free for a whole week and guess what……I’m still alive. I did a three-hour hike/climb (seven miles) at Castle Wood Canyon last week without counting my steps and lived to walk another day. I’ve had an extremely busy work week, with no lunchtime walk, but my fitbit wouldn’t have changed anything. Life and exercise back in my own hands. I’m no cyborg, I’m real. I’ll walk today, my usual three miles, and I don’t need a fitbit to tell me how far I’ve walked….FREEDOM!

By the way fitbit, had you made a wrist band that didn’t fall off your wrist so easily, I’d still be hooked, and probably buy a new one when my Alta finally died. However, your wrist band is so lousy it came loose and fell off constantly. At over a hundred dollars a pop, that really isn’t acceptable, just saying!

fitbit alta main




Breaking the Habit!


How many steps have I done? Got to reach 10,000 – no wait, let’s go for 13,000! Oh no, forgot to put on my fitbit, got to turn around and go home to get it.

Does that sound stressful to you?

It all started with the Nike Fuel. My first fitness tracker. I really enjoyed using it. All I wanted to do was track my steps and try to walk five miles each day. It was simple to use, fairly nice to look at and it served its purpose well.

Unfortunately, just before mine needed replacing, Nike stopped making them. Rumor has it that Apple poached their experts. I had to find a new way to track my steps, (well I didn’t have to, but it had become a habit). I invested in a fitbit! The first one I bought was the Fitbit Flex. Didn’t care for it at all. The band didn’t display as much info as I needed, plus it got me hooked into recording everything I ate, drank as well as logging my sleep patterns. I used it for a while, but spent too much time at my computer, inputting my life.

Next I bought a Fitbit Alta. I liked the display on this one. Steps, miles, calories. It also buzzed when my phone rang, or when I got a text! Then there were the competitions….. Was I the step leader for the week. YES! How was everyone else doing? How many miles can I do before noon. Yes, it made me get up and walk, but really, shouldn’t I be doing that anyway? It was synced with my phone and I checked it WAY TOO OFTEN.

Last night, while packing my grocery shopping in the back of my car, I went to check my steps. OMG! SHOCK! HORROR!

My Fitbit wasn’t there! OK calm down! I went back into the grocery store and looked around, checked the parking lot, checked my purse, my shopping bags, my car! My heart was beating fast. How many steps have I done?

I drove home, wondering if I should stop off and buy a new one in Target or Walmart so I didn’t miss recording too many steps!

Wait a minute, stop right there!

I’m almost sixty. I’ve managed to walk and exercise without being reminded, for my whole life. Why oh why is this a problem? I chuckled to myself as I drove home!

When I got out of bed this morning I didn’t immediately rush to find that ugly piece of plastic and put it on my arm. It felt good. I’m looking at my little gold bracelet that I haven’t appreciated in months because it’s always been hidden. I’m still walking! I’ll still exercise and eat healthily. Not checking my steps every twenty minutes means I have one less thing to worry about. One day I’ll get an apple watch, which will be much more difficult to lose because it has a sensible strap with a buckle, but I’ll buy it when I’m ready. For now I’m going to enjoy life and be FITBIT FREE!

Beware of supplements not approved by the FDA

I am a very healthy 55-year-old woman. I have hardly ever taken antibiotics or prescribed medication of any kind.

I work-out, walk, snowboard, hike and bike. I eat fresh healthy foods, nothing processed or pre-prepared.

I am not a vegetarian, but I prefer white meat and fish. I eat steak sometimes, but not often.

In January of this year I started to take a supplement that was recommended to help my cholesterol, which was minimally high, not high enough to warrant any hard-core medication.

In the middle of January I became extremely ill. So ill that I had several days off work. That is almost unheard of for me.

I felt nauseous and dizzy. I was lifeless, had muscle pain and could barely make it through my turbo kickboxing and body pump classes. I almost passed out twice on my way home from these classes. I visited my doctor several times, was sent for numerous tests, including an MRI.

After being over $1000 out-of-pocket, and still no closer to solving my problem, I retraced what had changed in my diet. I had started taking the new supplement a week or so before all of these symptoms started. I immediately stopped taking all supplements, and then reintroduced them one at a time (all except one).

Guess what? I feel better. The new rogue supplement was the problem.

Not sure what would have happened had I continued to take it. Kidney failure? Who knows? I have informed the company who produce it, but I am warning you all to take care of your health and be careful of what you put in your body.

The Diet! (Day One)

Dieting is a journey too! It is a difficult journey filled with peril.

In 2009, I decided to take control of my weight, and signed up with one of the leading dietician companies. Over a thousand dollars and four months later I had lost 40 pounds. Everyone thought I was a little too skinny, but I though I looked great.

I stayed a very skinny 143 pounds (I am five feet eight) for two years and loved being that weight.

Now in 2012, 20 pounds crept back on…….do I part with my money and sign up with a diet plan again? I think not.

Do the diet plans work? Of course they do, but once you are finished, no matter what your good intentions are, you can’t continue to eat that way. It’s boring. Cooking is one of my hobbies (go figure). I love good wine too. Yes I snow board and work out, but that makes me hungry!

I have decided to work on my own plan, a plan that suits me and you can monitor my progress.

What do I stand to gain (or lose)?

My gain is the $1000, which will remain in my pocket. My loss? Twenty pounds I hope. Follow my journey and lets see where I end up.

I will check in with you all at least three times a week so you can monitor my progress and share my battles.

Feel free to join me, and to comment as you see fit.

Day 1 (not really a diet)

Breakfast:   8 am. Tea and two slices of toast with marmalade. A glass of grapefruit juice.

9 am. Latte with 1% milk.

Busy day. Spent 2 1/2 hours at the hair stylist, shopped and didn’t get chance to eat again until 5 pm

Ate at the Stagecoach in Franktown. Deliciously bad!

Dinner 5 pm. Glass of Pinot Grigio and some chicken fingers (zinger style) with freedom fries.

You probably are wondering how I can call this a diet. Well, I am dieting for the rest of my life, so today is my (eat what you want) day.

I will weigh in tomorrow and let you know how it worked out.