Soothing Sunset

I’m addicted to sunsets. After a busy day nothing is more calming, or cleansing, than a beautiful Colorado Sunset.DSC04769

Jack Frost



Wonderful Wednesday


A lovely view while drinking my second cappuccino. Glad I had that extra cup or I might have missed it.

Bongiorno! Good Morning! Guten Morgan! Buenos Dias! Bonjour!



Lucky Me!


A glass of Kerner Pinot Grigio and a Sunset like this, what more could you ask for?


Clouds? Or Spaceships Hovering on the Horizon?




A Brighter Shade of Orange and Blue!


Sunsets like this make living worthwhile!

Goodnight Colorado – Good Evening Orange and Blue



Kick Back and enjoy the View!

I was going to say life is a marathon, but really it’s not is it, its more of a scavenger hunt. We rush from one event to another. We’re born, we reach that magical age, we leave school, learn to drive, graduate college, get engaged, get married, have children, they get married, have children and so it goes on.

All the major events in our life are very special, but so is what lies in between. Sometimes we forget this.

My beautiful daughter and her husband are spending the day with us today, I think its time to kick back, relax and enjoy the viewDSC00324

Good Morning Moon – nice to see you.



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