One Step Closer to the Italian Dream

abruzzo One step at a time, but the steps are getting bigger and the dream is getting closer. Almost a reality! This week I got the translation back for the Power of Attorney that allows our daughter to sign the deed on our behalf. On Tuesday both the original and the translation were notarized and made official. This morning I discovered we needed to have the document apostiled. Luckily this is something I deal with in my line of work. I’ve built up a relationship with CT/Wolterskluwer over the last 15 years or so. Good reliable people, I consider them friends. Today they showed me just what good people they were by getting my Power of Attorney to the Secretary of State in downtown Denver, and back fully apostiled within a few hours. Thank you Heidi Liesch.

Now all of the preparation is done. On Monday I wire the deposit to the escrow account in Vasto, Abruzzo. On Sunday I hand over documents to my daughter. On November 2nd she flies to Italy and on November 6th, she signs the deed on our behalf.

Crazy with excitement! Thought I’d only ever dream about this!


Packing for an Italian Vacation!

Dresses, one two-three four,

OK, maybe a couple more?

Shoes, five, six, seven eight,

Maybe seven, think of the weight!

Shorts, tops, swimwear, smiles…

Family, friends, and miles and miles,

Of sunshine, memories, love and laughter,

To treasure now, and forever after.

Celebrating Five Years of Blogging!

What have I gained from five years of blogging? Let me think. I interact with people in many different countries, people I’d of never heard of if not for our blogs. I read great stories, see fantastic art work, commiserate with people, congratulate their achievements. I also get encouragement when I need it. I share interests with bloggers across the globe. I think we bloggers are a unique group of people and I’m glad I belong to the blogging community.


Keep a smile on you lips and love in your heart!

Happy Thanksgiving


Here in Steamboat Springs it is a perfect Thanksgiving morning. Despite the lack of natural snow, everyone is still having fun on the one slope that is open. Will I snowboard tomorrow? Maybe!


There is so much to do in this beautiful mountain town, that I may try something new.








One thing for sure I am very much looking forward to a lovely traditional Thanksgiving Dinner with friends and family.

I am giving thanks today for my friends and family. Also for the wonderful staff at the Steamboat Springs Sheraton who are here at work despite the holiday.


Happy Friday in Colorado!

I have a friend staying with me from Kentucky. We share the same birthday, so we get together once every couple of years. Usually in January (our birthday is Jan 17th), but this year we decided to celebrate in the warmth. Look at vista that greeted me when I woke up. Pike’s Peak is all dressed up with the first snow of the season. Isn’t it pretty! Need to dust off my snowboard. Fifty five and still boarding (but not too fast).

The first snow of the season on Pike's Peak!



Lovely start to the day. What are we going to do?

Park Meadows mall to our favorite store NORDSTROM.










Shopping until we need a glass of wine and a snack at my favorite wine bar.



More shopping until we can shop no more. Someone has to help stimulate the economy.

How to end the day?




Happy hour at with old friends at ‘Cool River’ on Bellevue.

A perfect Colorado Friday!

I hope you are all having as much fun as me.

Happy Friday!