Lake Garda – Wish I were there!


I still dream of retiring to Italy, but would one home be enough. Ravello and the Amalfi Coast is the place I think of most, but Lake Garda and its beautiful scattering of towns, is always in my heart!


For the love of Italy!


Sunday Mornings find me sitting at the dining room table paying bills and catching up with friends on Social Media and by email. My view is pretty idyllic. Trees changing color, snow-capped mountains and clear blue skies. I love my home and I love Colorado, but… I sip my second cup of Cappuccino, my heart aches for Italy.

I was fifteen when I visited Rimini for the first time. It was my first trip abroad. I was accompanied by my mum and my crazy aunty Jennie! I inhaled the Italian culture and was immediately hooked. Crazy aunty Jennie and my mum aren’t with me anymore, and I miss them. My obsession with Italy is still here though, and always will be.

I returned the following two years with friends my own age, although I spent a lot of time on my own. They were smitten with the Italian men, who are of course, very handsome. I wasn’t oblivious to them, and enjoyed a holiday romance, but it was the country that won my heart. Even now when I think about Italy, I can barely breathe.

I returned again in 1983, driving there from Germany where I lived with my husband, a British soldier. I worried he wouldn’t share my obsession, but he did.

My daughter was seven when we took her to Italy for the first time. She might as well have been Italian she fitted in so well.

Five years ago we spent two weeks in Rome and my love affair deepened. This year returned with friends and family. We did it all. Four days in Milan, two days in Garda, a week in Siena, a week in Rome and a week in Ravello. It wasn’t long enough, I wanted to stay forever.

So as I sit here, sipping my Cappuccino (not to be drank after noon), I dream of Italy and scour Italian Real Estate because I know where I want to retire!

Hooked on Sunsets – Lake Garda


Taken while sitting outside the beautiful Hotel Vittoria. I’ve a feeling I’ll return one day. The people of Garda are friendly and welcoming. The fish was freshly caught from the lake, and the local wine delicious. With a sunset like this to end the day, why would anyone want to live anywhere else?

Lake Garda – It’s Good to be Back.


Had a wonderful lunch, freshly caught from the lake, and washed down with a couple of glasses of champagne. Walked through the lovely little town of Garda and had Gelato for dessert. Relaxed by the lake and watched the sunset.


What will tomorrow bring? Maybe a boat ride across the lake. Maybe a bike ride. Who knows?

Lake Garda – Memories and my Return


This photograph was taken in 1994, and this beautiful little girl is my daughter (who recently got married). The photo is taken at Lake Garda during a family vacation. We haven’t been back since, although my husband talks about it often. These were happy days. We can’t return to the past, although we can remember it, but we can look forward to the future.

In 2010 we revisited Italy, spending two glorious weeks in Rome. Next year we are returning to that exciting, colorful, friendly country and during our trip, will spend two days in Hotel La Vittoria, Lake Garda. I can hardly wait. My daughter will be a little older this time, but she is still just as beautiful, but there again, I’m bias.

I travel, I write, I drink good wine.

Life is good!