2017 – The Incredible Journey


Christmas is almost here and the year almost over. What an incredible year it’s been. I spent last Christmas in England with friends and family. Took a trip down memory lane. The New Years Eve fireworks in London were amazing.

July took me to Naples, Capri and the Amalfi coast. My yearning for a better, slower life in Italy became overwhelming.

August found me in Abruzzo looking at homes and discovering a beautiful area I’d never visited before. The Chieti province of Abruzzo is bursting with beautiful scenery in its perfect position between the mountains and the Adriatic. Sitting on a hilltop is Colledimezzo, my second home.

It’s a long time since I was this excited about anything. My whole family shares that excitement. Now from afar, I’m conducting an orchestra of contractors who are putting the final touches to our new family home. With the help of Monia, our realtor, we’re turning a lifetime of dreams into a future reality.

It may be a while before I retire, but I’m looking forward to it now. The year of 2017  turned out to be an incredible journey.

Happy New Year to everyone. Make your dreams come true!

The Reason we Climb!


By the end of the year I feel like I’m in the final few steps of climbing a mountain. Exhausted I push myself, one more challenge one more day. I’m longing for time off work to spend with my family. Every day becomes more difficult than the one before, but every day brings us a little closer to the summit.

Why to we do it?

Because we’re alive! When we reach the top of the hill we can see the sun set on the year and everything we’ve achieved.

If it wasn’t such a great year, we can watch the sunset on that too, and then watch the sun rise for the first time on a fresh new beginning.

I know I’m premature, its only December 14th, but for those of you struggling in the stressful holiday season, slow down and remember to look at the sunset.


Hiking out of 2013








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A Traditional Happy New Year!

I decided to start of 2013 in a very traditional way, cooking, enjoying a little good wine and watching some movies.

OK, so I am a little tired from seeing in the New Year, but that OK. I was with good friends.



I have a duck prepared, stuffed with onions and oranges and ready to go into the oven. Orange sauce is made to dribble over it (Grand Marnier, orange marmalade, orange juice, orange peel and ginger) very easy to make. White wine sauce in the works. Bacon in the roasting pan ready for the roast potatoes.Veggies washed and in the steamer (I have to eat something healthy) Red wine decanted and aerating. Sounds perfect….it is.

With that I wish you all