Keep Stepping!

Keep on SteppingA couple of years ago my husband gave me his Nike Fuel fit band. I loved it. He’d moved onto something better, but the Fuel was great for me. It was simple, tracked my steps and it was also comfortable and easy to wear….until they stopped making it. I’d become addicted to tracking my steps, which isn’t a bad thing, so purchased a Fitbit. UGH! I tried three different types over the last couple of years and they were nowhere near as good as the fuel. Finally, the last one I owned slipped off my wrist in the supermarket and I didn’t even try to find it! I was over it.

Unfortunately, as sad as it is, I stopped making the extra effort to exercise and walk. Nothing was holding me accountable. Yes, I admit it, I was cheating myself. Yesterday, determined to get back on track, I bought an Apple watch. It seemed the most logical thing to do. I have a Macbook Pro, iPhone and iPad (yes Apple are taking over the world), and they’re so easy to use. So far so good. After one day I’m in competition with myself to get in my daily steps, use my elliptical and generally beat the machine on my wrist!

Never thought I’d need to feel accountable to a computer…..but I am. I’m not ashamed of it either. I’ll use what I can to keep myself fit.

Keep stepping folks!



Retirement and the Sleep Factor.

You must all have noticed how great you feel when you wake up after a really good night’s sleep. As slumber drifts from your body and mind, you feel good, ready to handle anything the day throws at you. You’re rested and in control.

So why is sleep so elusive? This past week has been awful! Much too stressful, long hours at work, followed by coming home and worrying if I’d got everything done. Each night after going to bed, I’d remember something important I’d missed. That paid to my sleep.

Last night was the first night in almost a week that I slept long and hard, and woke up feeling refreshed. If only I felt like this every day. I think my massage and reflexology helped, but that’s a luxury I can only occasionally afford. How do I manage to sleep on a regular basis? I sleep well on vacation, because there’s nothing to worry about.

I’m wondering if perhaps its time to retire.

Comments anyone? Advice?sleepless01

Aging – The Dammit Post!

Now don’t get me wrong, we all have to age! I’ve been healthy most of my life, but the last five years has been an issue, and its making me cranky!

Monday morning, rise and shine, Mondays are always tough, but I got to work and everthing was going smoothly.  First three hours were a dream, and then the pain started. An unusual type of pain across my belly, tight, but not cramping. Oh, I’ll work through it. By 2 pm I knew there was no way.

I’m off folks, heading for the Doctor’s office.

Jumped in my car and knew the doctor wasn’t going to do it. Headed to ER instead, they must have been expecting me, there was a parking space right outside.

“Deep breaths, you can do this.”

Walked to the lady behind the desk. “Hi, I think I need help.” (sniffling tears of fear)

“Whats wrong?”

“Belly pain, chest pain, really bad, can’t stand it, was going to the doctors, (more tears), but felt like I needed the ER!

They took my info (and of course Health Insurance) and admitted me. Taken to a freezing room where they started taking my vitals and asking me questions. Then there were CT scans, then I was vomiting, then they gave me a GI (Maalox and Novacain) cocktail and I vomited some more.

“Is your back hurting, you seem like you can’t lie still,” the attending said.

“I can’t sit still because my stomach is a sheet of pain, I can hardly stand it. It’s the reason I’m here.”

“Oh dear! Lets see what we can do.”

I won the golden ticket, a room in the hospital (help), first time in a hospital in 32 years and the last time was to give birth!



Getting Old is NOT for wimps!

growingoldI’m 59 years young, feel pretty healthy, although I do get tired a little easier now. It might help if I slowed down a little. Never!

I remember when I went for a physical and came out wondering why I’d wasted a couple of hours just to be told I was fit and healthy. Wish those days were back. My last annual check up ended in my having to take a stress test. It wasn’t fun, I was hooked up to weird equipment while riding a stationary bike. They monitored my heart on an ultrasound machine. I tearfully remembered the ultrasounds I had when I was pregnant with my daughter. Those days are long gone…I miss them.

Well now on to a cardiologist!

How do I feel about that? DETERMINED! I am determined not to be given a regiment of pills. Instead I’m starting a healthier diet (if I eat much healthier I’ll fade away). Red meat is a treat for a very special occasion now. More veggies (I already eat my weight in them), Elk instead of beef, chicken instead of pork, etc. etc. I’m already gluten intolerant, learned that earlier this year. Poor me! No wait a minute, lucky me, I’m still alive and I’m going to get healthier with each passing day. Yes, growing old isn’t for wimps, but I’m no wimp and age comes to everyone.


That Gluten Thing!

Over three months Gluten Free now! The difference to my health is amazing. Not that I was ill, just didn’t feel great! Now my stomach is so much better, even though I’m sure it’s still healing. To be properly tested for adult celiac I have to eat gluten again, not going to do that. I’m going to spare you the details about my bodily functions, but they are all back to normal again. I don’t need any medications, just a sensible gluten-free diet an a good probiotic regime.

I’m 59 and have eaten bread and other gluten products my whole life. I started feeling ill about three years, ago. Awful stomach discomfort, which would stay with me for two or three months and then seemingly go away. The doc gave me antibiotics (which made it worse) as well as other medications. They tested for ulcers, hyper pylori infections, bacterial infections, kidney infections, you name it, I was tested. Poked, prodded and bruised with blood draws until I could take it no more. Finally I saw a really good gastroenterologist who listened. She didn’t order more tests, just talked to me. Between us we figured it out. THANK GOD!

Anyway, here I am, gluten-free, feeling better and asking anyone out there in the same position if you have any good gluten free bread recipes? I’ve always made my own bread, and don’t want to start buying it now. I can go without bread, it’s not the end of the world, but……..trying to cut gluten out of my husband’s life too!


Gluten Free January!

January has both flown and lasted FOREVER! Christmas seems so long ago, but only yesterday. Is this what happens when you get older? Or maybe its just peculiar to January. Both myself and my son-in-law had a Birthday smack bang in the middle of the month. Nice for my son-in-law, but not for me. I’ve never liked my Birthdays for reasons I’ll not bore you with, but I put on a brave face and get through them.


I know just how he feels!

I found this photo on Deserts with Benefits and had to share it.

If you follow my blog, you’ll remember I haven’t been well. I got tired of CT scans, needles and being prodded and poked so after talking to a very matter-of-fact gastroenterologist I decided to give up gluten. Since January 1st, I’ve been completely gluten-free. After a few days I felt better, much more awake. I was both thrilled and excited at the difference and expected miracles to follow. The miracles never happened. Another two weeks passed and I wondered if I’d willed myself to feel better because I wanted an instant cure.

Then early last week I realized that when I touched my stomach in the places that had been tender, it didn’t hurt anymore. It didn’t feel uncomfortable and bloated. I looked at my reflection in the mirror (not a pretty sight), but prettier than it looked a couple of months earlier. My tummy was no longer swollen.

Maybe gluten is the problem, I know I have a long way to go before I know for sure, but one month gluten-free has certainly made me feel better. My energy is returning.

I haven’t bought ‘gluten free’ breads, crackers, cookies etc. I gave up processed food a long time ago. Instead I’ve eaten much more fruit and veg, baked with almond, coconut and semolina flour and bought rice noodles instead of pasta. It hasn’t really been a hardship. When I used semolina and almond flour to make my husbands favorite cookies I didn’t tell him. He took a bite and looked at me.

“These taste good,” he said, “what did you do different?”

I think cutting gluten from my diet has been a good thing. Not out of the woods yet, but I can see the sun piercing the trees. I’ll give you an update one month from now. Fingers crossed I’ll be healthy and full of energy. New lifestyle for 2016!


Goodbye to Gluten

evil-bread-300x229I have not actually been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, but I’ve been ill for three months. Nothing seems to make me feel better. After being referred to a wonderful gastroenterologist, I started eliminating foods and researching symptoms. I know, the internet is a great tool, but most likely every doctor’s nightmare.

I’ve been feeling foggy in my brain at times, and felt discomfort in my small intestine as well as having low energy and generally feeling lethargic.  CT scans showed up a mass, which was possibly bacteria, but antibiotics didn’t move it. Since October I’ve been miserable, so I talked to my gastroenterologist and also took matters into my own hands. It’s my body after all.

I had weird little sores on my back, started throwing up for no reason, had no energy and just didn’t feel like me. I’ve never really eaten bread or cakes, mainly because I’m always trying to keep my weight down, but I discovered that every time I got sick I’d eaten either pasta, crackers, or something else that contained gluten!

Since Tuesday I’ve completely eliminated gluten from my diet, only three days I know, but when I woke up this morning I actually WOKE UP! I didn’t have a sleep hangover or feel bleary eyed (despite a couple of glasses of wine last night). It feels good.

So I’ll persevere and monitor my results. I’m sure being on a completely gluten-free diet will take some getting used to, but I feel because I don’t eat pastries and bread, I’m well on the way. It just means an awful lot of reading when I go shopping, as well as adjusting the recipes of a lifetime…..change is good right!

In tune with your body!

In TuneAs I’ve grown older I’ve learned to pay heed to my body, listen to what it’s telling me.

My body thanks me for organic foods.

It hungrily slurps juiced green veggies.

It begs for as much water as I can drink.

It reminds me to take a lunchtime walk.

My body openly rejects prescribed medicines. Oh I know one day I may need medication of some kind, or maybe I won’t!

I deeply inhale the fresh morning air and linger outside as the sun sets.

I laugh long and hard even when I’m alone.

Life is but the blink of an eye, so stop when you can and listen to your body, it’s telling you what it needs to make your journey more pleasurable.

This Fitness thingy!

My husband tired of his Nike fuel band. I knew he would. He works out every day and doesn’t need a wrist band to tell him how well he’s done.

I, on the other hand need some encouragement, so I re-set the band for my use. That was two weeks ago. I don’t know if it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, or the worst thing I’ve ever done. I have it set at 10,000 steps and my fuel is set at 2,500. I walk two and a half mile most lunchtimes (scared not to because Nike is monitoring me), and meet my Nike Fuel goal everyday. Yes, I know, I’ll have to increase it again. It is a little harder to get 10,000 steps in every day if I don’t do my lunchtime walk, like today.

When I got home from work I was 5000 steps short, and felt guilty, so I donned my tennis shoes and walked through my beautiful neighborhood. Take a look at my reward.



I also made a new friend. She walked with me for three miles and eventually I called the number on her tag for her owners to come and get her. She was very good company.


Now my brain is cleared of the clutter from my day at work, and I can settle down and work on my next book!

Dead of July – A German Ghost Story

Dead of July_Cover_in-template

Healthy – FOCUSED – Nourished – ME!

Healthy food

I am one of those people who has to watch what I eat. ALWAYS!

I’m not a bad eater, I don’t really like sweet things, but it seems I gain weight easily.

I have dieted with Weight Watchers, body for life and Metabolic research centers, to name but a few.

I work out as often as I can and walk almost every lunchtime. I don’t buy canned, processed or frozen food. My fridge is full of fresh vegetables. I drink lots of water, so as you can see, basically I should be slim and healthy. Why then, is it so bloody tough to keep the weight off.

Who knows?

I think I may have found the answer, for me anyway.


Now before I tell you about my new toy, I want you to know, I am NOT grossly overweight. I am five feet eight inches tall, a dress size ten and weigh about 165 pounds. I would like to weigh 155 pounds, but have just had so much trouble shedding the stubborn ten pounds to get me there.  I could blame it on my metabolism slowing down with age (I’m 56). The truth is, when it comes to losing weight, (or not) there is only one person I can blame, and that is me.

I started to read about about folks who were replacing one or two meals with freshly juiced fruit and vegetables. I wasn’t much interested at first, but something kept drawing me back to these articles. I did some research on Google and liked what I found.

Yes, I had to give it a try. A couple of weeks ago, I bought myself a Omega masticating cold press juicer.  Looks a bit like a Dalek from Dr. Who doesn’t it……exterminate. 



I purchased mine in Beds, Baths and beyond. It wasn’t cheap, but I was determined to give it a try.  Guess what?

I love it.

My husband travels during the week so I don’t have to cook dinner, which made it easy to replace breakfast and dinner with a healthy nourishing fresh juice drink. No recipes, I just juice whatever lookds good, adjusting  the taste by adding different veggies or fruit. Here are some of the things I have juiced so far. (not all at the same time)

Carrots, apples, pears, oranges, limes (limes are really good), grapefruit, cabbage, parsley, broccoli, cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, serano peppers, sweet potatoes, ginger, tomatoes.

There is tons of fresh produce out there just begging to jump into my juicer.

So how have I benefitted?

1.  I have lost seven pounds in two weeks.

2.  I have heaps of energy and a very focused.

3. I feel better, healthier, can’t explain it, I just do.

Sometimes I have a glass of juice and a small piece of protein, and other times I just have the juice. I don’t feel hungry or deprived. At weekends, I just replace breakfast with juice.

Now I have to let you know I am not recommending this as a diet for anyone reading my blog.  I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor. I am simply telling you that I am juicing fruit and veggies (mainly veggies) and I feel GREAT. Oh, and I’m losing weight.

Give it a try.

If you do decide to buy a juicer, do your research. The centrifugal ones aren’t as good. Save your pennies and get the best. It’s worth it. Happy juicing.



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