Indulgence and Bridal Showers


It’s a rainy Sunday, which is quite unusual in Colorado. It makes me feel like I am back in England so I’m indulging myself is a huge cup of coffee (with cream), DazBog of course and some toasted home-made bread spread thickly with Kerrygold butter. To some of you this may not feel at all like an indulgence, but to me, who has been having freshly juiced veggies for breakfast for months, it is. My daughter gets married in just over a month, and wedding photos are forever. She, of course, is beautiful. All eyes will be on the bride, but as I take a sneak peek at myself in those photos I don’t want to think, “Oh my, why didn’t you lose a few pounds?”


Yes, there was cake at the Bridal Shower yesterday, flour-less chocolate cake……it was delicious. I didn’t eat a whole slice, but it was tempting. There were seafood crepes too, and bottomless Mimosa’s. I picked at my brunch and drank my mimosa’s slowly. (Well slower than normal, I still had a few)

Do I want to be skinny? NO, been there, done that, it doesn’t suit me.

Do I want to be healthy? YES, and I think I’m there. Listen to your body folks, it usually tells you what to eat, and if you eat badly, it lets you know.

What was this blog about? Nothing really, I’m just having a chat with my friends in the blogging world before I get on with my weekend chores.

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend and remember those who gave their lives so we can enjoy ours.

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Do it yourself diet – Days 3,4 and 5

The struggle continues on day three.

Breakfast:  crisp bread and salmon.

Beverages: Two cups of fat-free latte and lots of water.

Lunch:  Two ounces of cheese and an apple

Dinner: Solitary (but rather large) pork chop.


Yes, this was a slightly better day, but how did it look on the scales?

I got up on Tuesday morning, took a deep breath, and stepped onto the dreaded contraption.

At last, I lost some weight, three pounds to be exact. Just enough to give me a boost and the will to continue.

I did well on day four, eating small portions of vegetables and protein.

On Tuesday night I went to my weekly Turbo Kickboxing class and worked my little heart out. It made me feel good. After kickboxing I was too tired to prepare a meal, so I had a bowl of cereal for dinner, not perfect but it hit the spot.

I weighed on Wednesday morning and the three pounds had stayed off, so I was content. Why is dieting so hard?

My day at work today was straight from h*#@. It started badly and deteriorated. I should have been at a ‘body pump’ class tonight, but couldn’t get away from work in time.

By the time I left work the only thing in my head was wine. My friend and I stopped at a bar instead and had a glass of Chardonnay (well actually two). Wine always means nibbles so we ordered some pita chips and artichoke dip. OOps I forgot I was on a diet. Now I have to weigh in tomorrow again. Wish me luck!