High Times in High Wycombe

My friends the Dollies and my family

We arrived tired and jaded in Heathrow. It was a long and tiring flight, followed by a long wait for a rental car, as Hertz had let ours go to someone else. There was a shortage of cars due to the volcano eruption and flight cancellations within Britain. People had to drive instead of fly.

We had a very sweet Scottish customer service representative, who eventually secured us a car, which was lucky for her, as after traveling for 24 hours, my patience was growing THIN!

We made our way to our friends Mick and Sharon, in High Wycombe, who left us a key so we could let ourselves in and catch up on sleep, which we did.

After four hours sleep and a good shower, we were refreshed and ready to go. It was nice to meet their son Justin for the first time, and then fabulous to get together with Sharon and Mick again after over twenty years.

We were given a tour of the beautiful countryside courtesy of Sharon in her open topped BMW. Sorry no photos here, but the memories are in my head. Joanna and I enjoyed it tremendously.

We stopped and bought English fish and chips……yes real English FISH AND CHIPS, and then washed them down with our beverage of choice. Wine/Guinness/lager/whiskey, we all chose different drinks. We then spent hours going over old photographs and reminiscing old times and showing Joanna old photographs of her parents (us) and their friends (The Dollies) from the early eighties.  Good times!

Now its time to go to bed in preparation for the next step in our journey. Dinner in Birmingham tomorrow night with Lester’s sister Monica. It will be fun! This is going to be a fun, but exhausting trip.

Check in tomorrow for the next installment!

My next story set in 1982 Germany includes my good friends the Dollies and will be released at the end of the year.


London, Birmingham, Darlington and Berwick upon Tweed

It’s a strange feeling to be going to England for a vacation. England is where I was born, and where I lived until 1995, before moving to Colorado. I lived in Germany briefly too, but England is where I was raised.

Now the plans are made and in a couple of days my family and I will be on our merry little way to visit all of the friends I left behind. First stop, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire to stay with our old friends ‘The Dollies’. Then a brief trip to Chatham, followed by a couple of days in Birmingham. Next up north to Darlington for a week.

Whilst in Darlingon, I will of course visit the grave of my parents in Brompton on Swale. My first book ‘Guy at the Bar’ is set in Brompton on Swale. I wonder if my daughter will remember this place.

Whilst in staying with my brother in Darlington, we will get together with family I haven’t seen in over 20 years, as wells as old and dear friends. We will be making a trip to ‘Berwick upon Tweed’ to visit a very old and dear friend who breeds Shetland Ponies.

Berwick upon Tweed

Not sure if my brother has wi-fi, so you may be hit with a flurry of blogs when I get back to London. Here is a taster of some of the places I am visiting.

RIchmond North Yorkshire

I will post lots of photos and keep you all updated with my ‘Travel Tales and Mishaps’