Own This Life!


When the sun goes down on your life do you want to say you just lived it? Or do you want to say you really lived it! Do you want to say you OWNED IT?

Looking back at my life, I’m pretty happy. It wasn’t perfect, but I have an amazing daughter, quirky husband, a job I really enjoy and a great future ahead of me when I retire to Abruzzo. I’m not rich and worked hard for everything I have, but I always had something to work for. We moved from England to the US in 1995. I changed my career (by accident). We travelled as much as our money would allow.

This old girl writes, laughs, loves and cries. She didn’t just live her life, she took control and owned it.

Retire and Write!

DSC03392As I sip my cappuccino and contemplate my other blog…the scary one, I chuckle to myself.

My first thought when I woke up this morning was “I have so much to do, housework, cooking, baking, bills to pay…how am I going to find time to blog and to edit my current book?”

I lay in bed for a little while wallowing in self-pity and then I smiled.

The sun is beaming through the skylight in my bedroom and peeping between the blinds. I love my house, so housework isn’t a bad thing. Cooking and baking are my passion so why am I stressing about something I enjoy. There is more than enough time in the day to blog, I’m doing it now. I can edit my book this evening. 

This beautiful sunny day stretches out ahead of me, its mine to make it what I will. I may even find time to go for a walk.

And now I’ve readjusted my attitude I’ll sit and write the next installment of my ghost story on Stop Talking to Me because I’m in my sunset years now and one day I’m going to retire to Italy and write!

A Word of Advice – Make Time for Yourself

I’ve been irritated all week with my crazy work schedule. My irritation kept me awake at night and made me grumpy in the morning. I was out of sorts, annoyed and just plain miserable. Now it’s the weekend! Yes, I have a lot to do at home, but in my own time, so I am prioritizing. I’m making time to do what I like best, writing. I’ve blogged another installment of my ‘Dark Angel’ story on my other blog Words From Beyond and now I’m going work on the final edit of ‘Fire and Darkness’, my next short story.

Guess what…….I’m not irritated anymore. The cure for irritation…….make time to do the things you love to do! Have a lovely weekend.


Flowers and Memories

Minolta DSCMarried to a workaholic makes you remember things for different reasons sometimes. During a long week-end in Santa Fe a few years ago my husband had to work remotely for a couple of hours.  I’d almost forgotten about it until I came across some photos. I had to spend some time on my own. I made good use of it.

I take photographs and write novels and short stories to keep me occupied.

It helps keep the Alzheimer’s at bay.

Click on the link below to see what I’ve been up to.


Dead of July_Cover_in-template

Playing Panoramic with my new camera

DSC00062I went for a little hike today, just to play with my new toy. I have had camera’s with the ‘panoramic’ feature before, but none as easy to use, or as accurate as this.



I have to say that I am pretty impressed. I took a couple of regular shots too.







And of course, being the romantic I am, I had to play with a sunset.



This is only two days of playing with this camera, I am telling you right now, for a camera with so many features, it is magnificently simple to use. It has refreshed my love of photography and I thank Sony with all of my heart for making the DSC RX-100. I think they made if for me.






Sunsets and Cameras

When I was a child, I imagined the entrance to Heaven would look just like this. 

I have loved taking photographs for my whole life. From my first little Kodak camera, to fancy Olympus and Cannon cameras with tripods, lenses, light diffuser. Every camera gave me pleasure.

First I took photos at Rock Concerts, David Bowie being my favorite. Then I got married, photos in abundance as we moved around with the army. Vacation photographs in France and italy.

Next I had a daughter so there were baby photos, horse shows, all captured on film. When digital cameras were invented I was in seventh heaven. Every year camera’s improve, the photographs getting easier to take and more and more pleasing to the eye. I could start my own museum with the cameras I have. I carry one in my purse, just in case I need it. My favorite camers is the on used for sunsets and actions shots. Of course there is also the camera on my cell phone. I am in heaven. What do I enjoy taking photographs of the most? Sunsets. They mark the end of a busy day and are always accompanied with a glass of wine. (My other passion).

Memories captured, never to be forgotten. 

I love my camera.