Secret Window


Walking the narrow winding streets on Ana Capri is a treat. This window captured my imagination.


I’m tired – I need to rest in Campania


It’s been too long since my last visit and July seems an eternity away! Counting the days.

Packing for an Italian Vacation!

Dresses, one two-three four,

OK, maybe a couple more?

Shoes, five, six, seven eight,

Maybe seven, think of the weight!

Shorts, tops, swimwear, smiles…

Family, friends, and miles and miles,

Of sunshine, memories, love and laughter,

To treasure now, and forever after.


Putting up the Christmas tree brings back such sweet memories.

Christmas, the event we plan for weeks, passes in the blink of an eye. More memories are made. The joy of having the family together is magical, but another year passes by. Why did it go so quickly? I want to keep my family close to me, but life doesn’t allow it. I treasure and remember the precious moments, holding them in my heart forever.










The Christmas lights still shine outside, a twinkling warmth in the cold night air, a reminder of love and laughter.

Life moves on and time waits for no one.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

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Dead of July_Cover_in-template





I think I found Christmas!

It’s been a struggle this year! I worked so hard to finish my novel, but I got it done. Then I was very sick.  There was drama at work. The combination of all of these thing sapped my energy and emotion and I had nothing left.


I put up my Christmas tree, wrapped the Christmas gifts, wrote Christmas cards, but it was mechanical. I wasn’t doing anything from the heart. I couldn’t find my Christmas Spirit and it saddened me because I love Christmas. I love giving, getting together with family, having parties and of course I love celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ.

This year I felt numb. Was I too old? What was wrong with me? I was scared.

I met an old friend tonight, we had dinner together and then, all of a sudden, everything fell into place. Hallelujah, I had found Christmas at last.



Dead of July_Cover_in-template

Corned Beef and Spring


After a delicious plate of corned beef and cabbage to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, washed down by a glass of Stella Artois (sorry, don’t like Guinness) at my local bar in Franktown, I came home and sat on the deck. I poured myself another beer  (Kronenburg 1664) and enjoyed the mild afternoon.

The Aspen trees are in bud and the skies are full of Spring clouds with the threat of rain…lovely.DSC00171