Mission Accomplished

DSC05320Five short days ago I arrived in Rome Airport, met my daughter and headed out to Abruzzo to buy a house. I’d made arrangements with a realtor to view five. The first two were okay, but the third one was outstanding. A quirky old olive mill that has been remodeled into a quirky, but beautiful home. We made an offer which the sellers accepted. Can’t wait to start buying furnitre.

The photo above is Vasto, which is a beautiful seaside town in Abruzzo. I’d forgotten how stunning and soothing the Adriatic is. I’m sure the road to finally exchanging contracts on this home will have its bumps, but it will be worth it. Hang in for the ride.


Ode to Remodeling!

BigholeWoe is me for I can see,

A big muddy hole where my grass used to be.

My sprinklers are broken and dangling loose,

Dangerously resembling a hang mans noose.

My beautiful picturesque Pine trees are gone,

I planted them ten years ago. Was it really that long?

You may ask, what did it what caused this disaster?

I made the mistake of remodeling, it’s the bloody contractor!