To Watch or not to Watch


For five years or more I’ve tracked my daily steps with fitbit. About three years ago I decided to upgrade to an Apple watch. The things it did! I like to track my steps, monitor my texts and phone calls, keep an eye my heart beat etc., etc!

This morning when I removed my watch from charge, I dropped it…on the tiled floor in the basement. SMASHED! Not only was the face smashed, but also falling out of its case. Oh dear, I’m clumsy. Checked to see the price of a new one…SHARP INCREASE IN PRICE!

I believe I paid two hundred and change for my watch when I got it, now it will be over $400 to replace. What to do?

I lived without an apple watch for years, I survived, stayed healthy, dieted, answered phone calls. Do I spend the ridiculous amount of money now required to buy a new watch, or do I learn to live without one?

Steve Jobs…I miss you, your company misses you too!


So for the first time in my life I am interested in something techy. Well to me it’s techy.  I have always been the recipient of ‘hand me down’ computers and cell phones.  My daughter or husband would upgrade and I would get their old ‘but still good’ model.  Not this time.  I am buying an ipad   Why, you ask?  Hey its all tied up to travel.  My kindle broke (handed down from my husband when he upgraded) and I need something to read on my way to Rome.  Now I could have bought another kindle but if I get an ipad, I can blog while I am there, download photos and send them….I am thinking apple made the ipad just for me.  I know what you are all thinking….I could take my laptop. Laptops are great, I couldn’t live without it, but the ipad is small and easier to travel with. This is not an ad for apple, just a very excited lady getting a new toy.  If anyone has any comments or tips to help me with my new acquisition, please share. Keep following, I will update you on how a writer, blogger and photographer utilizes the ipad.