To Watch or not to Watch


For five years or more I’ve tracked my daily steps with fitbit. About three years ago I decided to upgrade to an Apple watch. The things it did! I like to track my steps, monitor my texts and phone calls, keep an eye my heart beat etc., etc!

This morning when I removed my watch from charge, I dropped it…on the tiled floor in the basement. SMASHED! Not only was the face smashed, but also falling out of its case. Oh dear, I’m clumsy. Checked to see the price of a new one…SHARP INCREASE IN PRICE!

I believe I paid two hundred and change for my watch when I got it, now it will be over $400 to replace. What to do?

I lived without an apple watch for years, I survived, stayed healthy, dieted, answered phone calls. Do I spend the ridiculous amount of money now required to buy a new watch, or do I learn to live without one?

Steve Jobs…I miss you, your company misses you too!

My New Sony DSC RX-100

I was born with a camera in my hand. I never go anywhere without one and honestly, I could set up a camera museum. I never part with my old ones. I have cameras ranging from Casio to Olympus and Pentax, and several Canon’s which I loved. When I was younger, I had more lenses and filters than I could carry. I treasured those photos. As I love to travel so much, I have thousands of photos filling dozens of albums.

I was hesitant to try to first digital camera, but in 2001, my husband bought me a MINOLTA DiMage 7 for Christmas. It had 5.0 Megapixels (I didn’t actually know what a megapixel was until then). I LOVED IT. He also bought me a Olympus photographic printer. Heaven on earth.


That was 12 years ago, and how quickly the world of digital camera’s changed. My first camera soon became slow and cumbersome and as I got older, my eyesight got worse, so I went to a very simple Casio. It took great photo’s and it was quick. Well it was in 2009. By 2011, it became dated, so my ever patient husband bought me an upgrade. Another Casio but this time it had 12 mega pixels and was much quicker.of It did the trick. It was easy and took fantastic photos, but then disaster struck.

I left it in a hotel room whilst on a trip to the mountains. I called as soon as I realized what had happened, but not everyone is honest and it was a case of ‘finders keepers’. I have a back-up camera (my old Casio) and there is always my iPhone, but I needed a new camera. What should I buy?

I did some research and decided, because of the type photographs I take, I need something a little more professional. Yes, I know, I am older, my eyesight isn’t so good and I had strayed away from cameras with all the bells and whistles…….but after some research this one caught my eye. I talked to someone who already had one (as a second camera) yes he is still young and has great eyesight.

My husband bought me a book written by Alexander S. White, called ‘Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100’ which I am using as a reference. I am a writer and blogger, and because of that, need to take professional looking photos by day and by night. Follow my journey with my new Sony DSC RX – 100. Check out my photos and let me know what you think. I took a little walk today and used the i setting (idiot setting) to snap some photos. Lets see how they turned out.

I took this first one by mistake, not a bad accident right!






















All of these photographs were taken on the point and shoot setting as I got used to focusing and playing with my camera, not bad for the first day. Ok, so its pretty basic, but I have to feel comfortable with the way the camera handles before I can get fancy.

Next test? Sunsets of Course!

(PS. I am a very young 56, just in case my ‘old’ references made you think I was ready to ‘pop my clogs’)