Pikes Peak Volcano

From our house in Franktown Pikes Peak resembles a volcano!

Let the Fire Fighters be safe!

Let the burning cease!

Colorado is so dry right now that the slightest spark can burn down acres. So many people have lost their homes. Some have lost their lives. It is only June and there are over 12 wildfires burning in Colorado.

We look on in horror, but this could be us. It could be our homes burning. 

Please celebrate carefully and thoughtfully this 4th of July.


Happy Independence Day!

It’s a beautiful Sunday evening! After spending a day in the back yard doing some landscaping, its nice to sit on the deck and enjoy the view.

What a view this is!

Sunset and a new moon.

So good I had to take two photos!










There are fireworks flashing and crackling in the distance, but they can’t compare to the beauty of the mountains just after the sun slides out of sight behind them.

It’s not quite Independence Day yet, and I am a new American, only seven years, but I can appreciate the holiday and will spend it with friends. I am and ex-Brit and will have to suffer the flurry of Independence Day jokes, but thats OK!

America has been good to my family and to  me. Apart from the obvious things, like a home, a job etc., I get to sit on my deck and look at this view day and night.

I don’t say it very often, but ‘God Bless America’, there is a lot of good in this country!

When I finally finish my ‘Words from Beyond’ novel, I will write the story of my move to America, and let you all know how it was. I have been here since 1995, and although it hasn’t always been easy, its been fun. I have made many good friends here, and if you are reading this blog, you know who you are. I have a lot to thank the great U.S of A for.

My next journey is as a writer, lets see how that one turns out. Happy Independence Day to all of my friends.