Dolce Far Niente


Dolce far niente is a phrase that sticks in my mind. An Italian phrase (introduced to me by a French chap I worked with), and it means sweetness of doing nothing.
When I became stressed over moving my worldly belongings to Italy, selling my house, or finally leaving work, I’d think about that phrase. I’d use it as the carrot dangling ahead of me, keeping me going. I’m here now, and if I choose, can enjoy a little dolce far niente. Still keeping busy though. The first couple of months have been a challenge of finding the best car insurance/home insurance, obtaining Italian Health Insurance and a drivers license.
Things are slowing down a little now. On Saturday I enjoyed a delicious lunch with British and Italian friends. We walked for a while, in the picturesque village of Montazzoli. Beautiful views. Things are falling into place, miss my daughter still of course. I’ll also feel more settled when we have a new US President (fingers crosses), and when we finally get COVID under control. One step at a time.