Those little hiccups!!!

I’ve lived in Colledimezzo for ten months now…how time flies.
Although I miss my daughter and my friends, I have no regrets. Retirement was tough at first because I no longer had a routine, but I soon filled my days.
One of the biggest challenges was (and still is) learning the Italian language with all of its dialects. I’ve been doing quite well, although I do get a few words wrong, much to the amusement of the locals.
Today was one of those “getting things wrong” days.

On Tuesday I made a hair appointment for this afternoon. In Italy they use the 24 hour clock, which I’m quite familiar with because of my husband’s time in the Military, along with living in England. However, sometimes the calculations go awry, like today.

My hair appointment time was 4:30, which is normally sedici e trenta 16:30 pm. For today’s appointment she told me quattro e mezza (four thirty not using the 24 hour clock). I think she was trying to be nice to me but I’ve got so used to converting and translating, that I immediately over converted and went two hours early (at quattordici e trenta). The hairstylists wasn’t even open…it was siesta time.

It took a little while for my brain to realize what I’d done. I’m pretty sure you’re all scratching your head right now and wondering what on earth I’m babbling on about. You should try learning a new language, measuring distance in kilometers, weighing in Kilo’s, and measuring the temperature in centigrade. It’s not easy.

Oh well, almost time to go back to the hairstylists (parrucchiera).

Hope I made you laugh. Stay safe!