Abruzzo turns red!

Yesterday I enjoyed a beautiful morning walk. The views in Colledimezzo are always spectacular and change with the seasons. So lucky to live here.
Last night the decision was made for Abruzzo join the red zone. This comes in to effect tomorrow. So sad for the local bars and restaurants and any other business impacted. Their livelihood has suffered so much this year. Hopefully the numbers drop by December allowing everyone to celebrate Christmas. Patience and perseverance is what we need. The people of Abruzzo are good caring people, I know they’ll all get through this.

Soothing the Troubled Mind

I’ve retired to one of the most beautiful places in the world. Unspoiled natural beauty. I’m surrounded by caring, friendly people, but every now and then and my troubles surface. The COVID numbers terrify me and I miss my daughter in Colorado. Yesterday my heart ached to see her so bad I contemplated just booking a flight and showing up on her doorstep. I took a long walk to think things through. Flying back to the US would be silly, a risk! I was unsettled because Italy is on a partial lockdown. I felt trapped! The walk helped clear my mind. This will pass!
COVID won’t “magically disappear”, but it will be controlled eventually, and life will return to normal. Let’s hope the new normal is a friendlier and more compassionate place.

Evening Chill – Autumn Glory

Gorgeous day and beautiful evening!
I’m finding my routine a little now. I lived in Colorado for over 20 years so uprooting myself to a different country was a bit of a challenge. A new language to learn! Even simple things like finding the best place to shop for groceries took a little time, let alone making myself understood. Proud of myself though, I can order in Italian at the deli counter and at the butchers. The folks in the stores are very helpful and patient. I try my hardest (sometimes with the help of Google Translate).
I miss my daughter terribly, but we talk and text. Can’t wait for her to come and visit, but it may be a while with the new lockdown rules and the rising COVID cases everywhere. We’ll have such a party when she finally gets here. Until then I’ll take my daily walks and enjoy the wonderful views.