Gordon Ramsay – Maze

Scary but GREAT

You may look at this photo of Chef Ramsay, and be a little afraid. He looks like a manic version of Edward Scissorhands, but he is a culinary genius and I never tire of watching his kitchen nightmares.

Gordon Ramsay creates delicious works of art.

At last, I am going to eat in one of his restaurants. I am pretty sure he won’t actually be there, but his influence will. I am looking forward to a relaxing evening of good food and good wine.

Next time I see his wonderful London Restaurant on television, I will be able to say with great pleasure…..I have eaten there!

Mr Ramsay, on Saturday June 4th, the Thompson Family are having dinner with you, our trip from the US back to the UK will be much better for having visited your restaurant.


The Garden of England!


After staying with our good friends Sharon and Michael Dolly in London, we will make a short trip to Hook Close in Chatham, Kent. Not planning to stay, other than to have a coffee and a pastry with my good friend Angie, that I worked with many moons ago!

Kent is known as the garden of England!

Kent was the perfect place to grow flowers and they grew beautifully.  Canterbury was my favorite place to shop.

I am looking forward to visiting these places again, but they don’t compare with my home in Colorado, with the deer in my back yard and my view of the mountains.

I had forgotten the beauty of Kent

Guy at the Bar – King William IV – Brompton-on-Swale

My book is in print

I rushed to get this book in print so I could take it back to England with me.

I wanted to take it back to the King William IV in Brompton-on-Swale, which is where the story began.

It wasn’t to be, the pub is closed.

I don’t give up easily though, I can still take this back to England with me, back to the village the story started.

You can purchase this directly from my website Words from beyond  using a credit card. 

King William IV - this is where my story started

The Bullring!

The Bullring in Birmingham

Free e-book from Smashwords

Getting in the mood for my trip to England. Its been a while. Everyone I talk to in England tells me how much the country has changed. Pretty soon I will see for myself.

First stop is with our good friends Sharon and Michael Dolly, and then the following morning we will make a quick trip to Chatham, just for old times sake.

Then we drive to the Midlands and Birmingham for a couple of nights in the Birmingham Marriott. We will get together with the Thompson clan and friends.

Not quite the Wall Street Bull, but just as famous in its own right!

Of course I am taking my two novella’s with me, to air them in London.

Girl on the Beach (Smashwords)

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Amazon.com Guy at the Bar


The ‘Rovers Return’

This is where I had my first drink in my first local pub.

I have not blogged here since last year.

This is my travel blog and since returning from Roma, I haven’t travelled. How sad is that?

In a little over a month I am going back to England for the first time since the death of my mother in 2002.

It will be the first time my daughter and husband have been back since we moved here in 1995. As well as visiting friends and family and having fun in London, we will be making a trip to Brompton on Swale. I lived in this picturesque village from 1967 until I was married in 1977. My parents are buried there.

As well as visiting them where they rest, I will be making a trip to the King William IV, which used to be my local pub. I am now a published author and my first short story starts in the King William IV. I hope the current Landlord/Landlady will like my story when I take them a copy.

Keep checking into my re-activated blog for the count down to the ‘Rovers Return’ and updates about my ‘Guy at the Bar’ story.

You can download a copy of ‘Guy at the Bar’ for $4.99 from:

Purchase from Smashwords

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