Final Journey!


I opened my eyes and stretched, it was a Saturday, not that one-day is much different from another when you’re retired, but I remembered it was a Saturday because I had a hair appointment. Maybe I’d go to the mall early and enjoy a little retail therapy. I sat up in bed and stretched again. It was a good morning, no aches and pains, no creaking bones.

I washed and donned my PJ’s. No crazy rush to get the washing done over the weekend, I was retired; I could feed the washer any day I chose. I padded down the stairs to Bob’s man cave. Even at seven o clock in the morning the television was on. Arsenal was playing, and for once it seems, they were winning! No Arsene Wenger at the helm these days.

“Bob, what do you want for Breakfast?”

No answer, he was engrossed in the game, didn’t even look up. Not unusual when he was engrossed in football.

“I’ll bring some toast and coffee down.”

I switched the coffee machine on and cut some bread. Yup, still made my own bread, neither of us liked the doughy mess the American supermarkets sold. I wasn’t hungry though so I took a tray down to the man cave and left it on the coffee table. You could at least say thank you, your team are winning for heavens sake!

I walked out onto the porch, it was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm. Bird’s song was the only sound I head. I love living out in the country. I inhaled the atmosphere. When I die, this is where I want my ashes scattering, I feel comfortable here.

No time to linger today, I have a hair appointment and shopping to do. Maybe some new sandals, we’re flying to Italy next month. Maybe I’ll have my ashes scattered on the Amalfi Coast? No, maybe not, its beautiful there, but I don’t speak Italian, I’d be lonely. Why am I thinking about where I want my ashes scattered?

I went back upstairs to the bedroom, ignoring the dishwasher that needed to be emptied. Not in the mood today, it’s a ME day and I’m going to enjoy it.

I was lost in thought, wondering what I should buy. Maybe a new sun dress too, can’t wait for the Italian sun to kiss my shoulders. I giggled as I remembered the last time we were in Italy, and getting my 65-year-old bum pinched!

I froze in the bedroom doorway. If I’d had any breath left in me I’d of gasped. There was someone lying on the bed, still as a church, it was me!

NO! NO! NO! How could this happen?

I ran downstairs to Bob; he was engrossed in the game. I tried to shake him, but he didn’t see me, didn’t feel me.

Bob! Bob! I think I’m dead!

It was useless. Slowly I went back upstairs and looked around our bedroom. It was full of memories, photos of my daughter, and paintings of Italy. I touched the cold face of the “me” that lay on the bed, hoping I’d wake up. I didn’t, so I sat next to me and waited.


It was 10:30 when Bob went upstairs. Sheila normally rose around seven, but he hadn’t seen her yet. He worried she was sick.

“Hey, are you staying in bed all day? I thought you had a hair appointment.”

He saw his wife lying on the bed. She was pale and still.

            “I’m sorry Bob, you’ll have to get your own breakfast today.”

He didn’t hear of course. He wasn’t a romantic man, but he bent over his wife’s body and gave her one final kiss on her forehead. They’d been married over 50 years, he’d be lost without her.


Panettone and Star Wars – a Perfect Christmas

And finally it’s almost Christmas. I’m not at work and I’m relaxed. Last shopping done, all is good. Tomorrow a bit of final baking is on the cards – Panettone. Always a good thing to eat for Christmas breakfast. Washed down with a good cup of Cappuccino.











No rush, no time lines, no problem!

And tonight – STAR WARS………. Can’t believe I’ve been married so long. As a newly wed I saw the first episode in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Amazing movie. Now, 38 years later (I’m so freaking old), I’ll watch the latest episode in Parker, Colorado. Yes we moved to America, but I’m still married to the same man! He’s just as exited about seeing Star Wars tonight, as he was back in 1977. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy your family and be good to yourself.

Taking Care of Business – What Women Do!

Sick manAfter being on this earth for almost fifty-nine years….(Oh Lord I’m Old), it has come to my attention that the fairer sex (yes I’m talking about women), are much tougher than men.

I know, I’m slow to catch on to these things! I like to believe the best of everyone.

I’ve been ‘under the weather’ for a while (nothing contagious), but did it stop me getting up and going to work every day?


Did my home become a mess? NO!

Did the washing, cleaning, cooking and shopping still get done?


Did I still fix my face and dress immaculately for work every morning?


Did I moan and complain? (okay, maybe a little).

When a man is ill? No words needed. The image says it all.

No my husband isn’t ill, this is just and observation.

A June Wedding!

I sit here this morning, tired but with a smile,

I’ve had no time to myself for quite a long while,

The date approaches when my daughter will be wed,

RSVP’s and caterers are running around in my head,

The day will be perfect, I know that’s the case,

But these last few weeks feel like a desperate race,

The day approaches when guests will arrive,

By air, by bus, and some may just drive,

In Estes Park my daughter will stand with her groom,

Like the flowers, their love will continue to bloom.

Della Terra

From Flower Fairy to Bride – A lifetime of Memories


A lifetime of memories inspired me to write. My life hasn’t been perfect, but the happy moments outweight the sad ones. I look forward to the years ahead of me. I can’t control life, or the path it leads me down, but I can certainly make the most of whatever I find along the way!

This seems like only yesterday. My little girl was a flower fairy. Although she looked beautiful, she was a little upset that the ‘mum made’ wings couldn’t make her fly. All she ever wanted to be was a fairy, a princess, a mermaid, and for one brief moment……a squirrel. That was 24 years ago.

Now I’m planning a wedding for the flower fairy. Her dress was definitely not made by me, but hopefully the happiness and joy of the day will make her feel like she’s flying at last.

Dead of July_Cover_in-template






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When you catch yourself screaming “I want BACON wrapped around the dates not prosciutto!” you know the stress of planning a wedding is getting to you.

DevilsThat was a month or so ago, and I did apologize to the bewildered caterer. How could she be expected to understand the importance of bacon.

When the sachet’s of ‘throwing lavender’ turned up sealed with superglue…..I burst into tears.

lavenderWhat is wrong with me? My only daughter is getting married, that’s whats wrong. I’m stressed!  I want it to be a party of a lifetime for her, something to look back on with joy and happiness.




wedding cartoon

Ok my sense of humor hasn’t completely left me. For those of you planning weddings for yourselves, or your daughters…..take a deep breath when things go wrong and just carry on.

I have drawn the line at a couple of ridiculous things. Fifty dollars for two lamb chops? I think not! I did however give in to $60 a liter for organic ice cream (I told them to serve sparingly).

The count down is on, two months to the wedding. I will survive. Cake ordered, menu chosen, dress, shoes etc., all on track. The last hurdle is visiting the florist tomorrow at Estes Park. How much do flowers cost? I have no idea, but I will remain calm…..stay tuned for more escapades of the unexperienced, but learning fast, wedding planner.


Oh, by the way, along with all of this…….I’m trying to market my book. Don’t even ask me how that’s going!

Dead of July_Cover_in-template

Love – Marriage – Family

DSC00763After a crazy two months I found time to take a day off. It’s my daughter (Princess Joanna’s) birthday, and after endless Mimosa’s we escaped to the park to take some photos. There is a wedding looming on the horizon, so some fun photos for the wedding website are a must.

We had a blast!

It was all a little much for her fiance though.


Little Princess enjoyed it too.

Little Princess enjoyed it too.

Spend more time with your family, it’s the only one you have.


Dead of July (Small)




















The Wedding of the Century – the planning continues.

It does feel like I am planning the wedding of the century. When my family from England arrive, they will think I have lost my mind.

Back in 1977 my wedding and reception was a fairly simple affair. The reception took place at the Scotch Corner Hotel in North Yorkshire.



It took a couple of months to plan, all by myself because my parents were on vacation. I think they were trying to get used to the idea that their daughter was marrying a Jamaican. Times were different, but when they got to know him, they loved him.

I had three bridesmaids who wore blue dresses. My wedding dress cost around $150.00. The cake was made locally and cost $60.00.

The wedding was at the church on the grounds of  Easby Abbey, just down the road from Richmond, North Yorkshire. It was beautiful.

Easby Abbey CHurch


It was a warm humid August afternoon. Something old, was my pearl necklace bought by my mother, something new was the wedding dress of course. I can’t remember what was borrowed, but something blue was my underwear.

I walked down the aisle to where my future husband waited for me.

When I stood by his side he looked and me and said “Your nose is sweating” Yes he is a romantic type of guy. Because of a football injury he had trouble kneeling while Rev. Stegall performed the ceremony.

That all happened 36 years ago. We are now planning our daughters wedding here in Colorado, in Estes Park. It will be a beautiful day full of warm memories. We have wedding planners, make-up artists, hair stylists and a Momofuku naked wedding cake. How things have changed.

Oh and the price we will pay for my daughter’s wedding dress would have paid for my whole of my wedding back in 1977. Now that’s what I call inflation.



The photo above is where the ceremony will be performed. Isn’t it beautiful? The reception will be just as spectacular, and hopefully a wonderful party for 125 close friends from all over the country (and the world).



Stand by and watch my antics as I help arrange this event. I am sure there will be plenty of tales and mishaps as the plans progress. Maybe you can learn from them.