Dangling the Carrot

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I’m by no means rich, not in money anyway. I have a beautiful daughter, a great son in law and I’m married to a good, somewhat quirky man. I live in the gorgeous state of Colorado. My passion is travel. I love traveling, as you may have gathered if you read this blog. I love the history and the character of both Italy and Mexico. In a little over a month, we’re flying to Italy. My husband and I are meeting friends in a villa in Campania on the Amalfi Coast overlooking the perfect Mediterranean. My daughter and her husband (and a couple of their friends) are joining us. Vacation family style. Love it.

When I come back I’ll be sad, so I booked my 2018 vacation in Mexico…..I call it “Dangling the Carrot”. Its what keeps me going.

Selfie the Old Fashioned Way!



Color me Mexico




Angry Waves – Cabo San Lucas



Pictures of Mexico



Vacation Anticipation!

You have to admit, one of the best things about a vacation is the anticipation.


The Need for a Vacation

Why don’t we need a vacation until it’s almost upon us. We go about our every day routine as busy or mundane as it may be, but we do it. The vacation is way in the future. It slowly creeps up on us. Suddenly we can barely make it through the week, or to the end of the day. We need that vacation so bad! Sixteen days and counting!


Aging with Gusto! My Travel Blog!

Been completely gluten-free for 12 days now. I feel much better in myself, but I’m not sure gluten is main issue. Oh well, you have to try! I’ll keep up the gluten-free diet, just because it makes ME feel better. I wondered if I was allergic to dairy, then I tried making a cappuccino with almond milk……not going to happen again!

Anyway, on to brighter subjects!

Aging  certainly isn’t for wimps so as I struggle uphill with the big 60 just over a year ahead of me, I plan my future with gusto! (and three trips in the pipeline)

Hey everyone needs a week in Mexico in March. Our body craves sunshine, so lets talk Mexico today! My first trip to Mexico was 2009. I’d always avoided it because I’d heard stories! 

My first trip was to the Grand Velas in Nuevo Vallarta. One trip and I was hooked. I nearly didn’t make it. 2009 was the year the company I used to work for (but no more thank heavens), laid off half of its staff. (I survived that ugly environment for another five years). It was also the year of Swine Flu, which delayed our trip for a couple of months, when I finally made it, this is what greeted me.

Minolta DSC

Minolta DSC

Been back to this resort twice since then. It never disappoints.

I still have an awful lot of exploring to do in Mexico as I’ve only visited Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Thankfully it’s not a very long flight from Colorado. Yes, I’m lucky enough to call Colorado my home.


Hooked on Sunsets – Nuevo Vallarta Mexico – 2009

Minolta DSC

Minolta DSC

I visited Mexico for the very first time in 2009, and wondered why I’d left it for so long! This sunset was taken from the beautiful resort “Grand Velas” in Nuevo Vallarta. It’s the best resort I’ve stayed in so far. Their three gourmet restaurants are unbeatable. I went back in 2012 and it was just as good, if not better.

Hooked on Sunsets – Cabo San Lucas (2)

Minolta DSC

Minolta DSC

First visit to Cabo – December 2009. Look at those gorgeous colors! Taken from the beach at Hacienda Del Mar!

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