Sleepy Head – Get out of Bed

Since retiring my body clock wakes me up at 7:30 am. A civilized time, and much better than 5:15, which was my waking time when I worked.
Before I rise, I check my iPhone, mostly to see if there are any messages from my daughter back in the US! I do miss her.
This morning I had three messages, not from my daughter, but from Vincenzo “The Engineer” of Colledimezzo. Work to be done and what time could they start! I messaged back 8:30, so it was a quick scramble to shower and dress before they arrived. I opened the shutters to a winter wonderland. Yes Colledimezzo does get the occasional snowfall, and when it arrives it is beautiful.
It will be a day of staying home because of the workmen. With nothing else to do, I can practice my Italian. Learning a new language at my age is a challenge, but it’s also fun. I grasp the important words easily, but those itsy, bitsy words that join the sentences together are definitely a challenge. I stumble my way through and thankfully the people of Abruzzo are patient.
Every day is an adventure, make the most of it!