When I could SLEEP!


When did sleep become such a rare commodity? When I got old I suppose!
I remember the days I could sleep until noon. Saturday nights at a night club, Sunday mornings in bed, woken up by the smell of mum’s Sunday roast cooking in the oven. Those were the days.
Now, if I’m lucky enough to get to sleep within an hour of going to bed. I’m awake at 4:00 AM and gremlins crawl into my brain. They wake up my stress areas and make me think about things I don’t want to.

Life was much better when I could sleep!

Retirement and the Sleep Factor.

You must all have noticed how great you feel when you wake up after a really good night’s sleep. As slumber drifts from your body and mind, you feel good, ready to handle anything the day throws at you. You’re rested and in control.

So why is sleep so elusive? This past week has been awful! Much too stressful, long hours at work, followed by coming home and worrying if I’d got everything done. Each night after going to bed, I’d remember something important I’d missed. That paid to my sleep.

Last night was the first night in almost a week that I slept long and hard, and woke up feeling refreshed. If only I felt like this every day. I think my massage and reflexology helped, but that’s a luxury I can only occasionally afford. How do I manage to sleep on a regular basis? I sleep well on vacation, because there’s nothing to worry about.

I’m wondering if perhaps its time to retire.

Comments anyone? Advice?sleepless01

Full Moon


Full moon blasting its way through my Pine Tree.

Red Sky at Night



Snowy Moon

The snow comes, I smell it,

I feel it,

All is quiet and still.

Birds have flown to a warmer place,

Rabbits in their warrens, 

Only the deer graze unafraid,

Quietly filling their bellies and enjoying the tranquility.

I sit by the fire and wait for the storm,

Safe and warm,

At home.



By the time I finished my chores today it was almost four. After working on my current novel ‘September Souls’ I decided to catch up on the news……snow in the forecast and lots of it. I went onto the porch to investigate and found the moon trying to peep out from behind the snow clouds that are already drifting in.














A spectacular storm

As I sat on my porch enjoying a Pironi I watched a spectacular storm approach. It my bring rain, which we need. Lovely billowing golden clouds.












The wind is starting to howl, the local dogs are barking, and the crickets have gone silent. They sense something coming.