Hello Blossom

I try to walk a different path every day, and its been a week since I took this one. The blossom that greeted me this morning was breathtaking. It gives me hope!
In the two weeks leading up to Easter Italy is going into a much stricter lockdown, which is sad, Easter is very important here. On Easter weekend, the rules are even stricter! No Easter Sunday lunch with family. No Easter Monday lunch with friends. It will be the second lonely Easter for the good people of Italy. Such a shame!
In 2019 I brought my friend Linda here for Easter. We had a wonderful time. On Easter Sunday (Pasqua) we enjoyed lunch with our good friend Nino and his family. On Easter Monday (mini Pasqua), we had lunch in a local restaurant. Massive amounts of hot steaming pasta and meat were served, not to mention dessert and all washed down with local wine. The atmosphere was vibrant and friendly. Afterwards we went to Roccascalegna and enjoyed the color and pageantry of Easter Tradition.

I’m looking forward to celebrating Easter again. Maybe next year. Until then I’ll take my daily walks and enjoy the beauty around me. I’m very lucky to be here.
COVID is like banging your head against the wall. It is painful, but it will be amazing when it stops.

That Shopping Thing

There are lots of adjustments when moving to a different country. Yes, the language is the biggie, but also shopping. We have a small shop in Colledimezzo and larger supermarkets (supermercato) close by. Each supermarket has a butcher, baker and fresh produce section. When I say fresh produce, I mean local, probably from the ground to the supermarket in the same day. Delicious.
Occasionally I visit Lanciano, the closest large town, and shop in Oasi. Oasi is a ipermercato, and sells everything. Their deli, fresh produce, bakery and butcher’s section is fantastic. The choice and quality is amazing.
At first shopping was exhausting, but now my shelves are stocked with familiar items, or their Italian equivalent, its a more relaxing process. I can’t run to different towns on a regular basis because of COVID. So for now, I’m making do with the necessities.
I’m longing to visit my favorite kitchen shop in Casoli. It’s called Miranda and sells pots, pans and various kitchen gadgets. My favorite linen store, Punta Bianco, isn’t far away. I can barely wait to wander around the shops in Pescara, (and maybe have lunch by the Adriatic) or browse for home goods in Maison’s du Monde.
Patience is a virtue and I need to count my blessings, but I never thought I’d miss shopping so much.

Abruzzo Orange Zone

Thank heavens for my beautiful surroundings! It will help me remain calm.
Last night I learned that the region of Abruzzo has been bumped up from the Zona Gialla (Yellow Zone) to Zona Arancione (Orange Zone). This means bars and restaurants must remain closed and we can’t travel out of our municipality without a good reason and the relevant documentation. Abruzzo boasts very low COVID cases, but they are rising faster than they should.
This morning we went shopping fairly early. We drove to Oasi in Lanciano and bought enough food to keep us going for the next two or three weeks. I am happy to report we didn’t see anyone filling their trolleys with toilet rolls. In fact everyone was buying just what they needed. No panic buying or emptying shelves. What a refreshing change. On the way home we stopped off at a local cantina and purchased a couple of 5 liter boxes of local wine (Pecorino), wouldn’t be good to run out of wine during a lockdown.
This evening I joined my friends at “Bar for You” in the Piazza because after today it will be closed until the number of new cases falls. Lovely evening with lots of laughter, and a few tears. How will these local bars and restaurants survive? I’m sure they struggle as it is. My heart goes out to them.
Let’s hope the new outbreak of COVID is controlled soon and things can be as close to normal as possible for Christmas. After a grueling year we all need something to look forward to.
Stay safe everyone.