Spring Forward Moon



Soothing Sunset

I’m addicted to sunsets. After a busy day nothing is more calming, or cleansing, than a beautiful Colorado Sunset.DSC04769

Jack Frost



Rugged Beauty in Northumberland


The colors of Northumberland change with the weather.

The color of quiet!



First Snowy Sunrise of the season!


First snowy sunrise of the season, cold clear beauty!

Italy – My Sleep Potion

dsc03515Sunday morning means sitting in front of my laptop paying bills. (It has to be done)

It also means blogging and working on my next book. Love doing that, wish I didn’t have to work, and could do it full-time, but bills have to be paid.

I’m sipping my second cappuccino (daren’t have more than two or I won’t sleep tonight), and thinking of Italy. It’s over a year since our last trip and less than a year before our next one. Can’t wait! Looking forward to retirement and wintering in Italy. Oh that will be so much fun. Wish I could have afforded it earlier in my life, or wish I could afford to retire now. Good things are worth waiting for though.

It also occurred to me, that when in Italy, I can drink as many cappuccino’s as I want, without causing sleep issues. Never after midday of course, that’s just not good etiquette! I wonder if I can get my doctor to write a prescription for me to retire early and live in Italy, isn’t it her job to heal my insomnia?

Wonderful Wednesday


A lovely view while drinking my second cappuccino. Glad I had that extra cup or I might have missed it.

Bongiorno! Good Morning! Guten Morgan! Buenos Dias! Bonjour!



A Brighter Shade of Orange and Blue!


Sunsets like this make living worthwhile!

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