Pikes Peak – Dressed for a Wedding


Pikes Peak was showing off this morning when I got up. All dressed up and magnificent.


My Head in the Clouds!


When my boss suggested taking the Cog Railway from Manitou Springs to the top of Pikes Peak as a team building event, I was thrilled. It wasn’t my first trip to the top of that famous mountain, but it was my first time on the railway. What a journey. When we broke free from the trees at the top the view was breathtaking.

Everyone felt a little light-headed when they disembarked the train. Fourteen thousand feet will do that to you. Worth it though, the views were incredible.


Hiking Castlewood Canyon

Castlewood Canyon

March 15th and weather in the upper seventies in Colorado. A perfect day for a hike in Castlewood Canyon. It took a lot longer than usual to complete the 7 1/2 miles because the Creek Bottom Trail was in different stages of thawing after the winter snow. Some places were still icy, others covered in slush and snow, while some areas were so muddy it was hard to get my footing. All good exercise though.

The first climb of the year to the canyon rim is always tough and I stopped once or twice to catch my breath and enjoy the view. My labors were worth it, beautiful. The walk across the top of the canyon was gorgeous, bathed in sunshine with just a gently breeze.

I only managed one photo, and it was taken at the beginning of my hike with my iPhone. Pike’s Peak in all of its glory!

I’m going to make the effort to hike more this year. Its great exercise and the views are always spectacular.


Mystical Mountain


I am lucky enough to have a great view of Pikes Peak from my deck. When its covered in snow at sunrise, its breathtaking.



Dead of July_Cover_in-template



Bring on the Summer


Love my home in Franktown, Colorado. I love the  tranquility, the view, the people and the solitude. I also love the local bar, the Stage Coach.

Although only 45 minutes from downtown Denver, I enjoy over three acres of peace and quiet. I wake up every morning to a view of the Rocky Mountains. Pikes Peak to my left and Devil’s Head to my right.

Deer graze in my backyard. I don’t hear the noise of neighbors or any highway. I am truly secluded and I love it.

All I need now is the Summer.

So bring it on, I am ready.


Colorado Countryside – My Home in Franktown

I woke up this morning and opened the blinds to let in the light. Once again was amazed by the beauty I encountered.

I have lived in this house for over fifteen years, the longest I have ever lived anywhere.

If you look at the view that greets me every morning, you will understand why. 

This view makes it impossible to be anything other than happy!

The Majesty of Fall in Franktown  Colorado

Pikes Peak with a light gown of snow

The front range, merging with the clouds 

The front range in its morning majesty.

John Denver explains it in this song

Pikes Peak Volcano

From our house in Franktown Pikes Peak resembles a volcano!

Let the Fire Fighters be safe!

Let the burning cease!

Colorado is so dry right now that the slightest spark can burn down acres. So many people have lost their homes. Some have lost their lives. It is only June and there are over 12 wildfires burning in Colorado.

We look on in horror, but this could be us. It could be our homes burning. 

Please celebrate carefully and thoughtfully this 4th of July.

My Backyard!

Pikes Peak.

I sat on the deck this morning and enjoyed the view. A cup of tea whilst looking West. A perfect start to the day!

Devil's Head Mountain.

It motivated me to write, which I did. finished a very important chapter of my book and then went back and edited the previous three chapters.

I just looked outside again and the beautiful view called my name again.

I don’t think words are necessary, I am just going to post the photographs I took today.

I love living in Franktown, the views, the people, the local bar (Stagecoach) and most of all, the peace and quiet. Enjoy my photos!

Have a great weekend everyone. I know I will!

Why I live in Colorado!

I have lived in several different places in England, north and south. I lived in Germany too.

Now I live in Colorado and I never have to remind myself why.

The first snow fall powdered Pikes Peak!

I am so lucky to look out of my window to a view like this. To see the first snow fall on Pikes Peak.

The full moon last week.

I can sit on my porch, unobserved and take photos of the full moon as it slides into view.

I must be one fo the only people who shows up late for work because she has been running around her own back yard taking photos like a tourist.

I have lived in this house since 1997 and I never tire of the view.

I hope I never will!

It’s also a wonderful peaceful place for me to write my stories.

One of my short stories ‘Girl on the Beach’ is available to download for free from Amazon and my other story ‘Guy at the Bar’ is $0.99. Check out the links below. If you read my books, and enjoy them, let my know by ‘Liking’ my Facebook page.

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