Steeped in the Sixties

The first story in my book is set in the sixties. I lived with my mum in a small village and we survived on her meagre wages. I lived to tell the tale, along with a few others. Read about the adventures of Sheila in the sixties and seventies. Ghosts on the Sand is now available on Amazon.

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Speeding up the Tale!



The older I get, the more urgent everything becomes. My passion (as well as travelling), is writing. The first book I published was a short story called ‘Girl on the Beach’. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. The genre was a little mixed, but I had a lot to learn….I still have a lot to learn, but I’m getting there.

A couple of months ago I decided to re-write ‘Girl On The Beach’ and then re-launch it as a Young Adult book. Since making this decision, I’ve had visitors from England, a wedding and a very busy summer. In two days I’m attending a fiction writers conference and would love to share my book with some of the attendees, who knows, I may even get discovered……or maybe not.

I have ten pages to re-write! I can do it. Yes this blog is all about Travel Tales and Mishaps…..I’m simply speeding up the tale. Keep checking in, who knows, I may be a success story. I’d love you to join the celebration.

Dead of July, my first full length novel, is available on amazon. Check it out, read the reviews, support a hardworking old bird who is trying to live her dreams.



What made me thing of that? It’s a thought I have every day. It’s not just, “I can’t wait for my next vacation in Italy”. It is a real yearning and sense of belonging and I can’t get it out of my head. It’s not a passing phase, but a life long yearning, and as I get older, it becomes stronger.

I work full-time in a Corporate Legal dept, and in my spare time I write.

If only I had a small villa in Tuscany! What a wonderful inspirational place that would be. Think of the stories I could write from there. If only…..Never mind “If only” I am going to make it happen.

My new novel ‘Dead of July’ is available at . Who knows, maybe I will write the sequel in Tuscany!

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