Rain and Fun

It was a wet day on the Thames

We took the underground from Edgeware Road to Chiswick and met my dear old friend Julie Dobbs, along with her lovely daughters Sarah and Laura, and Laura’s husband. We caught up on old times over a delicious pub lunch in the Bull’s Head, and a few drinks. When the rain eased up for a while, we wandered along by the Thames admiring all of the lovely houses.

The rain eased up for just a short while, long enough for us to head into another pub (how convenient). We found shelter under and awning outside and laughed until our jaws ached.

Oh how we laughed

We watched some eccentric guy remove his clothes from the waist up, and then put then all back on again. Why? Who knows but it added to the entertainment.

The rain became so bad that we had to move inside as the Thames began to rise and the footpath by the Thames began to disappear. Desserts were ordered, along with port and Irish coffee. What started out as a lunch with friends lasted from 12:30 until 7:30. We were having so much fun that time just slipped away! Eventually we had to say our tearful goodbyes with promises to get together again. We took the tube back to the hotel (braving the rain) and now are relaxing trying to decided what to do on our last day in London.

Laura, Sarah and Julie.