The Pomegranate Trick

In Greek mythology, the pomegranate was known as the ‘fruit of the dead’ as it was said to have arisen from the blood of Adonis. … Hades, God of the underworld, used pomegranate seeds to trick Persephone into returning to the underworld for a few months of every year.

Good job no one tricked me because I’d spend the rest of my life in Hades! When I was a child pomegranates were a Christmas treat and I loved them. My mum made me pick each individual seed from the fruit with a pin. It took forever to finish, but I loved it. The pomegranates (melograno) that grow wild here in Abruzzo just fall apart. They are juicy and scrumptious. My good friend Franco gave me four last Sunday and this is the last one. It’s all I’ve eaten so far today because last night we enjoyed the hospitality of Nino and Vittoria. As always their food was delicious. Prosciutto wrapped around a delicious juicy melon for starters, followed by a constant flow of Italian delights, all washed down with excellent local wine. Of course the meal ended with various digestivos. Limoncello, Sambuca and Amaro….to name but a few. Wonderful night. I’ve been trying to pluck up courage to cook for Nino and Vittoria…piano piano as they say in Italy (slowly). They’re a hard act to follow.

Today is a foggy rainy day, but thats OK, it washes the old cobbled alleyways and refreshes the countryside.

I finished my pomegranate while writing this so I hope I don’t get snatched away to Hades!
Have a lovely day everyone.

Indulgence and Bridal Showers


It’s a rainy Sunday, which is quite unusual in Colorado. It makes me feel like I am back in England so I’m indulging myself is a huge cup of coffee (with cream), DazBog of course and some toasted home-made bread spread thickly with Kerrygold butter. To some of you this may not feel at all like an indulgence, but to me, who has been having freshly juiced veggies for breakfast for months, it is. My daughter gets married in just over a month, and wedding photos are forever. She, of course, is beautiful. All eyes will be on the bride, but as I take a sneak peek at myself in those photos I don’t want to think, “Oh my, why didn’t you lose a few pounds?”


Yes, there was cake at the Bridal Shower yesterday, flour-less chocolate cake……it was delicious. I didn’t eat a whole slice, but it was tempting. There were seafood crepes too, and bottomless Mimosa’s. I picked at my brunch and drank my mimosa’s slowly. (Well slower than normal, I still had a few)

Do I want to be skinny? NO, been there, done that, it doesn’t suit me.

Do I want to be healthy? YES, and I think I’m there. Listen to your body folks, it usually tells you what to eat, and if you eat badly, it lets you know.

What was this blog about? Nothing really, I’m just having a chat with my friends in the blogging world before I get on with my weekend chores.

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend and remember those who gave their lives so we can enjoy ours.

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Knots in my Stomach and Funnel Clouds

After the rain.

After the rain.

I woke up this morning with my stomach tied in knots, which was a little alarming because it usually means something is about to happen. I lay in bed hoping and praying that my family were safe before taking some deep breaths and getting out of bed. It was awfully dark for 6am in late May. I peered through the blinds. Had I been transported to another State? Colorado mornings were almost always sunny, what happened? It was also very humid, which isn’t normal for Colorado. I switched on the local news and started my morning routine. The bubbly blonde weather lady was way too cheerful as she told us we could expect rain, egg sized hail and tornadoes later in the day!

She was right, I watched funnel clouds form this afternoon, luckily the ones close to my office never picked up any strength. It was exciting to watch though. Five tornadoes touched down in Colorado today, no major damage, just Mother Nature reminding us what she could do. This evening I enjoyed a beautiful sunset, but to the east I see another storm cell forming. It may be a colorful noisy night.

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Morning Mist

In the Mile High City of Denver

The morning mist meanders across the sky.


Dead of July_Cover_in-template

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Colorado – After the Deluge


When I shared my ‘Shitty Monday’ blog with you all, I had no idea how the rest of the week would turn out. I’m sure you all saw what happened in Colorado this week. It rained, and rained, and rained some more.

If you don’t live in Colorado, you may not know that we really don’t get much moisture. Our summers are hot and dry. If we don’t get heavy snow fall in the winter, we suffer a drought.

Last week we got more rain in three days than we usually get in a year, but look how lovely it looks now.




Its coming…….’Dead of July’ will be released soon.

Dead of July (Small)

Good Morning Colorado





Dead of July (Small)

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The Rocky Mountains in Spring

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The healing power of Summer rain.

We have had a hot, dry Summer in Colorado this year. I am a sun worshipper, but the heat this year was too much even for me. I believe it has been in the nineties since May with very little rain. The hottest summer ever to be recorded, but last night we got rain. Look how Fresh and beautiful it is now.

My plants, trees and what flowers remain are thankful for overnight downpour.
Let it rain tonight too!

When it rains….it POURS.

After watching Colorado burn for the last few weeks, it was nice to get some rain. Of course Colorado always goes from one extreme to  another and this afternoon was extreme. I love Colorado storms, providing I am watching them from a safe place. One thunderbolt almost knocked me off my feet today. It sent me running for cover, much to the amusement of my husband, who had been threatening to increase my life insurance for years. Yes I would chase tornadoes too, given the chance.

The one thing I have learned about Colorado storms is they are intense, dangerous and very exciting.

And after the storm, the local wildlife enjoy the moisture.

Now the temperature has dropped to 77 degrees instead or 97. It feels good. It may not last very long, but I will enjoy it while I can.

Rain and Fun

It was a wet day on the Thames

We took the underground from Edgeware Road to Chiswick and met my dear old friend Julie Dobbs, along with her lovely daughters Sarah and Laura, and Laura’s husband. We caught up on old times over a delicious pub lunch in the Bull’s Head, and a few drinks. When the rain eased up for a while, we wandered along by the Thames admiring all of the lovely houses.

The rain eased up for just a short while, long enough for us to head into another pub (how convenient). We found shelter under and awning outside and laughed until our jaws ached.

Oh how we laughed

We watched some eccentric guy remove his clothes from the waist up, and then put then all back on again. Why? Who knows but it added to the entertainment.

The rain became so bad that we had to move inside as the Thames began to rise and the footpath by the Thames began to disappear. Desserts were ordered, along with port and Irish coffee. What started out as a lunch with friends lasted from 12:30 until 7:30. We were having so much fun that time just slipped away! Eventually we had to say our tearful goodbyes with promises to get together again. We took the tube back to the hotel (braving the rain) and now are relaxing trying to decided what to do on our last day in London.

Laura, Sarah and Julie.