Piano piano

There are rumors that the lockdown is going to become stricter in Abruzzo. The infections have risen over the past few days. There aren’t a huge amount of cases, but Abruzzo is very rural, so hospital beds are limited.
With that news, I decided to get out this afternoon and buy one or two things that may not be available to me next week. Wine of course!!! One of my favorite cantina’s “Spinelli” is close by, so I stocked up on Rosso, Pecorino and Rosato.
Next stop was a nursery/flower shop called “One Shop”. I don’t have a garden here by choice. After tending to over three acres in Colorado I decided a patio was all I wanted. It’s a little too early for summer flowers, but I managed to find few flowering shrubs to pretty up the area by my back door. Also herbs for the balcony on the top floor. Nothing better than fresh herbs.
Shopping in small, local, family run shops is a perfect opportunity to practice my Italian vocabulary. Today, for the very first time, I was able to speak more Italian than English. I was thrilled to be understood and happy to translate English words into Italian when requested. The friendly people in this area love to learn English just as much as I enjoy learning Italian.
Piano piano (slowly slowly), I’ll get there in the end.
Colledimezzo is a very small village, with around 550 inhabitants, and currently we have four active COVID cases. All isolated, but it is still a worry. I don’t think they’re seriously ill. Speriamo di no. (We hope not).

Red Wine to match the Red Sky


Oh what a week. Still job hunting. Yes, I know I’m impatient, but I just want to get it over with. Being unemployed would be fantastic if it wasn’t for the job hunting……it is awful. I’m tired of taking math tests, Myers Briggs tests, Microsoft tests. I’ve talked to more recruiters than I ever wanted to meet, all to no avail. The job market here in Colorado is quiet. I love paying low prices for petrol (I know I should say gas, but I lived in England for 38 years), but the low prices are costing us jobs. It’s another catch 22.

The week is almost over. I think I’ll give myself a break this weekend and NOT thing about employment, or the lack of it.

Thanks for putting up with me everyone. Maybe I’ll just have to concentrate on being a writer……..Dead of July give it a try!

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What could be more perfect?



Wonderful red wine from Michael and David Winery in California. (Petite Petit)

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