December 1st – Christmas is Coming

My kitchen Christmas tree!
I don’t normally start Christmas this early, but 2020 is a little different. We need a distraction. This tree came with me from the US, along with very few Christmas ornaments, things I’ve collected over the last 40 years or so! I had to be ruthless when I packed to move and kept only trinkets that held treasured memories. This is a new start which will create new memories.
We spent Christmas here in 2018 with my daughter, son-in-law and their friends so I also have a tree bought in Italy, which will be decorated in the living room later this week. I feel very extravagant with two trees, but I’m retired and have time to decorate them both.
December 1st came around quickly. I blinked and the long hot days of summer turned into a golden autumn.
2020 is trickling away. It has been an awful year for the world, but I think we all learned from it. Let’s hope so. For me, it was bitter sweet. I realized my dream of moving to Italy, but I’m a long way from my daughter. I hope I can see her soon.
Here’s to Christmas, and the simple things in life.

Evening Chill – Autumn Glory

Gorgeous day and beautiful evening!
I’m finding my routine a little now. I lived in Colorado for over 20 years so uprooting myself to a different country was a bit of a challenge. A new language to learn! Even simple things like finding the best place to shop for groceries took a little time, let alone making myself understood. Proud of myself though, I can order in Italian at the deli counter and at the butchers. The folks in the stores are very helpful and patient. I try my hardest (sometimes with the help of Google Translate).
I miss my daughter terribly, but we talk and text. Can’t wait for her to come and visit, but it may be a while with the new lockdown rules and the rising COVID cases everywhere. We’ll have such a party when she finally gets here. Until then I’ll take my daily walks and enjoy the wonderful views.