A Full Moon Shines on my Waiting Game!

Last night I donned my mask and ventured out. I only walked about two hundred feet or so, to the bottom of my daughter’s street. There was no one close to me! I was vigilant and moved if I saw people heading in my direction.
The moon called me, well not literally, but when I looked out of the window I couldn’t resist stepping out to take photos. I hadn’t realized we were experiencing a lunar eclipse. I watched people with cameras set on tripods, or using binoculars, as they picnicked and enjoyed the view. I wish I could have joined them, but my covid test was still positive yesterday. The line is fading slightly, but still there.

The moon shines down on my waiting game. I hope the wait is short! I love being with my daughter, but I want us both to be covid free. She has a big family vacation booked in Maui in June, and I want to return home to Italy.

Send us both positive vibes everyone.

Stay safe and keep a smile.

Delicious Indian Food, Huge Trucks and Baby Geese

The days are flying by! It’s taken a week, but we finally got to satisfy our craving for Indian food. Every bite was heaven. Vegetable Samosas followed by goat curry, poppadoms, garlic naan, lamb marsala and mango lassies to go. Once isn’t enough! I think one more visit is on the cards before we return to Italy.

The drive back from south of Denver wasn’t fun, it seems the rush hour starts earlier now. I25 was packed with traffic at 3:00 pm. I’m not used to being boxed in by huge trucks anymore. It wasn’t scary, just annoying. I miss the quiet rural roads of Abruzzo. I took Princess Tess for a short walk when we got back. We came across a family of geese strolling in the late afternoon sunshine.

Despite wearing several layers of clothing my husband got really cold on the flight from New York to Denver. I knew he’d get sick. On Sunday, I started to cough and sneeze too. We both did the COVID test to be safe and it was negative, so we just have to patiently let the cold run it’s course. Probably the dry air of Colorado, the altitude and air conditioning isn’t helping. We’re used to the gentle humid air of Abruzzo.

Speaking of Abruzzo, even though we’re far away, our new home purchase is progressing. When we get back to Colledimezzo it will be full steam ahead with our packing. We’ll have a month before our furniture is loaded up to move to Teramo province. Exciting and heart wrenching times. A new adventure, but hopefully the last one.

What is on the schedule today? Maybe some more hot spicy Indian food to help kill our cold, or maybe a steaming bowl of pho.

Thats it for today folks. Thanks for following my travels and stop by soon.
Remember, stay safe and keep a smile.

May Daze in Denver – Colorado

When we landed in Denver last weekend the weather was beautiful. Then we had a cold snap, which isn’t unusual in this part of the world. Now the weather has settled in the mid to upper seventies and it feels so good.
I’ve been enjoying the best of Colorado. On Friday my daughter treated me to a massage at the luxurious Woodhouse Spa on 17th Avenue. When we got back home Jo stayed outside in the sunshine and worked on her front yard. That made me very happy because it seems gardening runs in our family. My mum spent hours tending her flowers and vegetables, and when I got my own home, it became my passion too. Now I’m thrilled to see the family tradition has trickled down to my daughter.
In the evening I met with my good friends from Western Union, the company I retired from. We had a long leisurely chat over drinks. It was so good to see them and laugh with them. I’ve missed them all.
Saturday was the perfect day for grilling and drinking Mimosas! I finally feel like I’m on vacation.
Today was Mother’s Day! I was spoiled rotten and enjoyed every minute of it. Especially the Mimosas with brunch at Bistro Vendome in Larimer Square Denver. One of my favorite restaurants! The weather was perfect. Afterwards we enjoyed a flight of wine outside Cru Wine Bar and people watched. Perfect Day!

Whether you’re a mother or not, I hope you had a wonderful Sunday.
Stay safe and keep a smile.

Sloan’s Lake – Denver – Old Meets New

Finally I slept well. Still getting tired early, not sure if it’s the altitude (Denver is at 5000 feet), or jet lag. I walked Princess Tess by 8:30 this morning.
The first two photos above show the different styles of houses around Sloan’s Lake. Old meets new, but all with heaps of character.
Third photo is my daughter’s new hobby, growing things in this amazing indoor garden. I need to look out for something similar in Italy.
The last three photos are, of course, Sloan’s Lake. The Rocky Mountain backdrop and the clouds reflect perfectly on the glassy surface. The geese rest peacefully on its banks, and the snow capped Rockies rise against the clouds.
Today was warm, I enjoyed a wander around the Cherry Creek shopping district and visited some of my old haunts. I looked at all of the pretty things I used to buy when I was still working, but can’t really afford now. I don’t need them. I have everything I need in Italy.
Finally I visited XOXO Salon and my best friend Rocco. He’s been styling my hair for around 20 years. After my “do”, we went for lunch and chatted about everything, just like we always used to.
Back home to Joanna’s and straight out for margarita’s. It is Cinco di Mayo after all.

I did a lot in just one day, but it was fun.

Don’t waste a minute of your lives, live like there is no tomorrow and always keep a smile.

Oh those Sunsets


Tidying up my photo collection today, and found some pretty spectacular Colorado sunsets.




Friday Glow


Beautiful way to end the week!

Morning has Broken



Colorado Sunset



Cotton Buds in the Sky



Pikes Peak – Dressed for a Wedding


Pikes Peak was showing off this morning when I got up. All dressed up and magnificent.

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