Hooked on Sunsets – Roma!


Hard to believe, but this beautiful sunset was taken from the top or the Spanish Steps in Rome.

Rome is my favorite city!

It’s never boring. There is a surprise around EVERY corner. The people, the food, the history, the beauty!

An amazing sunset in an amazing city!

Breakfast in Roma, Dinner in Milano.

An unusual, but comfortable chair!

An unusual, but comfortable chair!

Great Bathroom with a huge choice of shower products in test tubes!!

Great Bathroom with a huge choice of shower products in test tubes!!

Beautiful view of the Duomo from the eighth floor (we're on the seventh)

Beautiful view of the Duomo from the eighth floor (we’re on the seventh)

Roma – Anticipation

Three weeks from now I will be re-discovering Rome. The anticipation is overwhelming. Its been five years since my last trip to Italy. Memories of happy times and wonderful people flood back, particularly in the Grand Hotel Flora. Can’t wait to check in. I’m sure the staff will have changed, but the charm will still be there.

The excellent staff

The excellent staff

Goodbye, Ciao Bella, Roma

Even my Ipad doesn’t want to leave Rome! I just sent my blog and it completely disappeared into cyberspace, even my IT Genius of a husband couldn’t find it……OH well.

Today we re-visited all of our favorite places in Rome. Campo Di Fiori, The Spanish Steps and of course Via Condotti. We went inside Cafe Greco (which opened in 1760), but none of the pastries took our fancy, so we crossed the road to the perfume store and made a couple of purchases. The lady serving us was very giggly and very eager to please, she must have brought us every fragrance In the store. It turns out she thought Lester was Denzel Washington. We laughed about that for quite a while. We were definitely treated like movie stars though.

We wandered around for a while, saying goodbye to all our favorite landmarks, taking our last photos, and wishing our vacation was just beginning and not just ending.

We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at a little wine bar just off Campo Di Fiori and had a delicious feast of anchovies soaked In orange flavored olive oil, with ciabatta bread and French butter. Lester washed his down with a glass of Moscato D’Asti and I had a couple of glasses of prosecco. After desserts of home made peach tart with home made ice cream and shortbread with warm chocolate sauce, we were well fed and ready to head back to the hotel for the last time 😦

We sat outside the hotel and watched the Ferrari’s, Maserati’s and Ducati’s speed by and toasted them as they went, with Frascati and Peroni Grand Reserve.

Now it’s almost time to go to bed. Tomorrow we are staying In another hotel close to the airport, hopefully it is close enough to the beach that I can at least get my toes wet and enjoy my last night (for 2010 at least) in Italy.

I LOVE this place.

Frascati was closed for August!

We got up at a reasonable hour this morning and after having a hearty, but healthy breakfast in the hotel, we headed down to the station and got a train to Frascati. It was just a half hour train ride and a mere one euro eighty each. We arrived at around one thirty and thought the town businesses were closed for the lunch time siesta, but we were wrong. The town was closed for August! Not completely closed, we were able to sit and have an ice cream. A couple of bars and restaurants were open, but we couldn’t get into the lovely castle. Oh well, it was a nice place to see, we enjoyed the visit and the steep cobbled streets of the old mountain town. I will attach a couple of photos.

We are so relaxed right now, it will be hard to come home.

Guess what we are doing tomorrow????? Renting scooters!

Shopping, shopping and eating and walking!

Today started late for me, it was around noon before I made it downstairs. I think the last two days caught up with me. It is really hot and humid here too, which means lots of showers and changes of clothes.

We hit the shops around one o clock, Via Del Corsa first as they stay open during Siesta time. Next we went to the famous Via Condotti with all of the designer stores. We Did a lot of window shopping and bought a couple of sale items and then walked to Piazza Del Poppola. From there we walked up the steps to the gardens of Villa Borghese. The gardens are beautiful and cool and border our hotel, so we stepped out of the gardens and right to the outside patio of the hotel for a beer. Perfect! After getting showered and changed it was back to the Spanish Steps to buy our traditional local art work. We bartered (and probably still paid too much) for a couple of oil paintings of the Amalfi Coast.

Next we hit Condotti again and bought a certain member of the Thompson family a very lovely Italian made leather item which can only be bought at one particular store, on one particular street, in one particular city. After making this purchase the owner of that store called his brother who has a restaurant three blocks away, called Trente Cinque, and told him we would be arriving in five minutes.

We had a fantastic meal, real home cooking, and very reasonable. Sliced octopus, seafood tagliatelle and a liter of house wine. Yum. We then walked to the Trevi fountain for a night time viewing, still crowded, but what an atmosphere. We threw coins in and made a wish.

Now it is 11:30 and after my blog, I will be sleeping and wondering what tomorrow brings.

VIve Italia, it has my heart!