It’s the Wine talking!

I love wine! I am prompted to write about it right now, because I am enjoying a glass of extremely good Cabernet Sauvignon from the Lodi region of the Napa Valley. It is called ‘Freakshow’ and is from Michael David Winery. Red wine helps me relax, it helps me sleep. I believe it’s good for my soul.

Very good wine

Very good wine

Red wine tastes better when poured into a beautiful tulip shaped crystal glass. My husband spoils and buys Irish Crystal glasses for birthdays and Christmas, and I really appreciate them. I am drinking from one now.


Collecting lovely glasses has become a hobby for me (as well as photography and writing). I have Champagne flutes, Champagne bowls (did I mention champagne is my favorite tipple), red wine goblets, crystal glasses for white wine, and I use every single one of them. Life is too short not to drink good wine from beautiful glasses.


I prefer dry wines, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and sometimes a good Pinot Grigio, but if I had to choose a wine that both my husband (who prefers sweet wines) and I could drink, it would have to be this one. We discovered it whilst having dinner in Cafe Diva in Steamboat Springs. We asked for a wine sweet enough for my husband to enjoy, but not to sweet for me. The owner of the restaurant got it just right!

If you venture to Steamboat Springs, you absolutely must enjoy dinner in Cafe Diva, one of the best restaurants in Colorado.CIMG1132

So this really has been a wine ramble, but it’s my blog and I am allowed to ramble if I so desire.

I will take another sip of my wonderful ‘Freakshow’ and then maybe go to bed.